About Me

My name is Jess Anthony, and I suspect I may be known online for the messages I have posted the last few years. These postings have been primarily commentaries by Siraya, Christ Michael Aton, Esu, and Azreal on what is happening on Earth at the present time. There is another archive of unposted messages that deals with my personal development as a telepathic receiver, artist, and energy worker. These track my awakening through comments from a variety of celestial guides, including the one who has identified himself as my oversoul Azreal.

To give you some background, I have lived an active life in the arts—performing, reviewing, running a concert series, teaching about the arts, and coordinating art funding.  A little over fifteen years ago I found myself drawn to massage, although my interest at the time was primarily to improve my physical relaxation and increase the control I had in performing.

As I was trying to develop an energy balancing process back in 2003 that combined  bodywork with color and music, my guides told me the reason for my interest was that my true name was Azreal , which meant  “light has come:”

Jess, you heard correctly—very correctly. Your name is Azreal and you are an angel. You were/are one of the host from Heaven. You’ve come to Earth to learn and experience. You can’t do that in Heaven—only Earth. That is why Earth is so powerful. People incarnating here intentionally have a purpose that will affect the Universe. You understand bits of what that means. You on Earth can create a vibration that balances certain imbalances that are beyond the scope of Earth … Each person on your table is a template for others. The imbalances you re-tune affect to some degree everyone with the same imbalances.  It doesn’t matter if they are physically there or not. You are all connected and what affects one affects all… You are a conduit and a channel for their energy. You show them how to move it so that they can feel it.’’

Working with an expert in Alexander Technique, I learned a body alignment method that combined visualized breath movement with long massage strokes to lengthen the body extension and move the chi energy through the tight muscles.  Realizing the creative possibilities of bodywork through my own therapy, I explored its erotic side in workshops in Taoist massage with Joseph Kramer, one of the founders of the Body Electric School, and spent two weeks in France learning Level One of a method of vibrational healing developed by Fabien Maman and the Tama-Do Academy using pitched tuning forks and colored lights for work on specific acupressure spots.  When I saw the work I learned with Fabien was similar to the hand placements taught in Usui Reiki for connecting with “universal life-force energy,” I pursued a course in that discipline as well. I obtained certification as a Usui Shiki Ryoho master while studying a corollary discipline called Sei Reiki, a special practice using traditional Usui Reiki symbols along with a fifth symbol to brings in the current of sexual energy for healing and empowerment.

A critical factor triggering this pursuit of various bodywork methods was the influence of a telepathic friend who had begun receiving messages in 2000 about a specific bodywork process intended for me to know.  She brought through the first steps for the process, and together we formulated a list of sounds and composers that would be part of the methodology.  Working with her, I began to hone my  ability to hear messages and telepathic guidance. As this developed, I was told by my guides I had brought the elements of this process to Earth myself many incarnations ago as a way to show man how to use the arts for individual rebalancing. Being  guided to recreate my process for the present time, I decided to call it The Infinite Harmony since it used multi-sensory combinations of vibrations generated by music, color, fragrances, and hands-on touch.  The process for The Infinite Harmony developed into three separate approaches –Re-tuning the Aura, Re-Tuning the Body, and Re-Tuning the Soul through distant healing.

The first information brought through described the foundation of the more subtle process Re-Tuning the Aura, which balances the vibrational patterns of the client’s nearest  physical, emotional, and mental auric layers. These three layers of a person’s etheric body are the slowest vibrating frequencies in a group of seven that surround the physical body, and are the ones that have the most immediate impact on the energy that powers the internal organs. This bodywork process uses selected music, colored lights, and fragrances to interact with the energy levels that directly affect the client. This energy interaction is amplified with hands-on touch similar to Reiki that brings in additional energy through the therapist focused on the locations of the client’s chakra system.  This combination of frequencies, in effect, entrains, or re-tunes, out of balance energies in the client, causing them to shift to healthier, balanced frequencies in sync with the speed of the vibrations introduced by the music and the color.

A second process called Re-Tuning the Body was then designed specifically for men to use generated sexual energy to balance masculine and feminine aspects at conflict within the body. This process was developed from Tantric Reiki bodywork with the intention of removing mental and emotional blocks tied in with the client’s concept of his sexual nature.  This method of bodywork uses Tantric erotic stimulation to build up a reservoir of sexual energy that causes the clients lose themselves in the sensations they are experiencing. The sexual energy accumulated through the process is then spread out over the whole body with Reiki to connect the client’s sexual energy to all his other major energy locations. This hands-on work is augmented with music and colored lights to increase the strength of the energy network.

While my background in the arts preconditioned me for working with music and color, I have made a conscious decision to work with men in this incarnation —particularly with gay men. The gay male self view is particularly fragmented at present, although, ironically, gay men are some of the most creative and educated individuals. I see gay men  often stuck at certain behavioral levels and not able to move to the higher purpose sex can have. Rather than try to change their sexual orientation initially, I’m more interested in showing them how they can use it to become more spiritual. In my view, sexual connectionof any sort is a way that two people can come together to share their emotions and thoughts, as well as physical reactions. Being aroused is a powerful method humans have for touching their own creative energy and connecting it to a larger Universal energy.

The impetus for creating the sexual process was an awareness that men today are generally out of balance with their feminine, receptive side. Perhaps because of an initial fear of the strength of women’s feminine sexuality, men have made their masculine sexual activity into a power struggle as way of showing they are in control of other people—both women and men.  Re-Tuning the Body asks them to be passive to avoid triggering a preconditioned reaction to the sexual sensations they are feeling. This then provides a forum for them to examine their concepts about themselves.

The processes discussed in this blog grew out of the inspiration Azreal brought to me, along with commentary and support from Esu, Siraya, and Christ Michael Aton. The messages I heard from them are personal, for the most part, and are at times very frank in addressing issues in my life.  As I heard these messages, I opened up spiritually, but in doing so, I also had to grapple with what I see as the interconnectedness of sex, art, and creativity.  I see no way to discuss this interaction except by archiving the steps in developing this information through messages from my higher self and from my guides. They all stress the idea that creativity has both physical and mental components, and that spirituality on Earth is designed to be a merging of the two. I believe it is time for man to bring these aspects together and begin the ascent towards his oneness with the Creator.  I have created this blog to show others the steps I was guided to take.