Divinity Speaks on How True Sex Is Connected With Him

Divinity, I ask for additional words of guidance. Help me have insight into what I’m seeing. Help me see the direction I should go.

Jess, let’s talk now. You are on the verge of a major discovery. You see it and you don’t want to see it. … This will involve you becoming a sexual guru. What is sex, you ask? Sex is connection with me. Sex is the union of Oneness of Energy. All is energy. All is sex. All is me. All is you. …


You must offer these things, these connections, this sex, to others. You know how it is connected to me. I will help you explain it. I will find with you the people you need to meet and work with.


The chakras are connected. Each of the seven or thirteen—as you prefer—are connected to aspects of me, aspects of you. Energy in a vortex. Whirling energy. The circles of energy give off light from you. You connect with people through this light. Everyone can, but you do it now. Think of me as you connect—on the table, or in bed. Lying down is relaxing to the physical body. Your bodywork further takes the body to its spiritual verge. What a verge! You know these things. You created this process. Find it again. Let it work through and for you. You clean yourself as you help clean others. The more you do the cleaner you get.


You want to talk about the election, the future? Ha! The election and the future are what you make it. Do you want Peace? Then create it, and it is so. How will you know if you have created it? You will see it. And I tell you, you have created it. Yes, it will manifest. ..This has been the plan forever. The steps have been the steps you all have chosen and agreed to before you ever came here. Let your awareness open doors and clear away the vestiges of darkness. It is what you designed and agreed to do in this incarnation. Own this and assess your role. Follow your blueprint. Each knows his/her blueprint. Each is following their game plan path. Each is the person they chose to be this time around. See what you can learn. We have learned so much from you Masterful Leaders. …


You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You must let it go. You must breath and relax and feel my love. Why did you do that, you ask? You wanted a sense of responsibility. To artists. To emotional misconnections. To people with disfigurements. To yourself as you created yourself. You took on a split soul to experience that dialogue. You are now free. You are now open to me. You are now a vessel for my light…. Let it shine through your hands. Let it shine in your smile. Let it shine in my ways of working through you. Listen and be aware and happy.