Christ Michael Discusses My Role Working with Sexual Relations

I ask for a commentary on sex and my role in what is happening. I see my place now. Is this needing to shift, as well? I see questions I can work with if I have a more complete grasp of where I fit in. I trust there is a purpose in where I am and what I am doing. I ask for more clarity.



Jess, this is [Christ] Michael. I answer your questions because you need my authority to understand your place and where you fit in. You have chosen a peculiar and particular situation to be in this lifetime. You have chosen to focus your ideas and thinking on men and your concept of sex is colored by your perceptions and focus. This is a curious exploration of the balance issue. You have pursued this side for the reason of freeing men from the dominating imbalance that has characterized much of Earth’s history.


The imbalance that causes and allows sexual attraction and merging is open to a variety of attempts to satisfy the balance required. As the Egyptians characterized and described there are 64 variations of paring. Half of those involve same-sex, and half of those involve male-male. This sub-group of pairings is a viable force in influencing man’s perceptions and decisions when it comes to power and control. In fact, many of the most significant decisions have been colored by either an embracing of the pairing or by a revulsion from the pairing and the resultant attempts to distance themselves from identification with such a pair.


Knowing this, you chose to invest your efforts primarily with this group. This is connected with religion and morality as it currently presents itself, and also with the arts, which is the arena where many of the men choosing this persuasion have gravitated. The process you work with has developed this effectiveness specifically because you knew it would be an important and crucial factor in allowing change to take place.


Shall I tell you your place and your role further? You are to be a sexual guru, as I have told you previously. This means you are to be a source of information and feelings for the many men who will turn to your methods. This is a noble undertaking this time around. Just as noble as what went on with Lincoln and the Civil War. You helped tip the scale of freedom and acceptance, and you were aware then that it would open up the floodgates for more emotional problems that would need to be taken care of later. That was then and this is now.


Your role as a gay man is just that—a role. The emotions you connect with it are the same as anyone connects with any other soul that it is attracted to. The attraction occurs on a variety of levels, the least of which is the physical attraction based on memories that have occurred in your 3D lifetimes. You are sources of energy that attract and repel other sources of energy. This goes on on many levels, in truth. The cosmic, universal connection you all have is part of the equation of the attraction to like energy. Attracting like kind causes balance by an exchange of energy. You take the energy you need to balance; the other person takes the energy he or she needs to balance. This is entrainment. This is re-tuning. This is infinite harmony, to use your name. This is based on love. Love is the connector that causes like to attract. Love is energy. Love is a stream that pervades all. I mean all. Literally. I am the creator and love my creation and am a part of everything in it.


Look for your partner. He is there… It is not someone you know. I will steer this person to you. I see a different role for you now than was before. This will require a new partner to develop this new direction and new ministry. Don’t be frustrated and resolved. Look for changes. Look for new directions from me. This person will be the one you need to complete your purpose. Trust me on this.


This is all for today. Rest well and prosper. Begin to codify the messages. Look for common themes. Don’t feel you have to include everything we have said. Some is for you alone. Divinity is speaking for me as well, although I didn’t create Lord Siraya. He was one of the assisters who helped me envision the Universe as it came to be. He speaks for me as the channel for the Creator Source that comes through me. We are all part of the stream of the Creator’s energy. It is an unfathomable idea even to me. He knows you intimately, as do I, as does the Creator. Speak to him as if you were speaking to me. We all hear your questions and comments.