Sananda Speaks of Need to Broaden Comments on Sexual Variation in Phoenix Journals

[The Phoenix Journals are a collection of messages that have been transmitted in the last twenty years to provide guidance and insight into present day attitudes and beliefs.]


Sananda, I ask for your comments on the situation today, if you can take the time. I feel as if I am understanding my situation and my choice to create a purpose with it to help others and myself. I ask for your insight and guidance again this evening. I ask for assurance and clarity. I ask for your strength and support in the face of change and negative reactions. If I am on the wrong track, I also ask you to tell me.


Yes, Jess, this is Sananda Immanual, which is my real name. I speak to you as a brother and a lover in times gone past. We have had many times together, you and I. We have loved and known much together. This is a special time you have created for yourself. You have brought all your past ideas and experiences to the now and they will inform what you are planning to do. You see your way very clearly, never doubt that. You see where you need to grow and develop. You are poised to provide much that will be useful and needed in the days to come.


Yes, you remember me saying to [your friend] at one point that I hadn’t dealt much with sexual roles and parameters of attraction. The opinions I stated in the Phoenix Journal were necessary at the time they were written. They still are pertinent for much of the behavior today, in fact, but the focus was too limited in terms of sexual variation. There is nothing “wrong” with your choice. It is a choice you made to clarify some past issues and to put yourself in a place where you could provide a much-needed balance to many of my prize incarnations. Many of the most enlightened souls have chosen to embody themselves with a sexually difficult identification. This was a conscious choice on their part, just as it was on yours, to be able to swing the shift in an important and meaningful way. This is needed now because the perception of sexual roles has changed so completely from the time I wrote the Journal statements. Just as the Earth has changed, so has the understanding and perceptions of the variation possible in sexual roles.


You are in the place you need to be. You see the vast panoply of ideas that can be attached to your basic approach. It is a masterful one. We wouldn’t have asked Sharon to find you and persuade you to pay attention to your true self, if it hadn’t been a necessary and crucial role for you to play.  We hunted you down to get you to resurrect the process and recreate the elements you can use now. We also led you in the direction of the bodywork for men. This is not an accident either. You had chosen this lifestyle, but it had gotten sidetracked and tarnished, to use that word again. You needed to be knocked back into place. We had to be a little rough with you at the beginning to get you to open up. You can be very closed emotionally, you know. You laugh now, but you know this is true. You still are operating within limits, even now. Let yourself go. David is waiting. I say that literally. Wait and see what happens. I can see further down the road than you and I tell you it will be good and what you need when it happens.


You will have other chances and involvements that will arouse your interests and broaden your perspective. I don’t see them damaging your core truth. Let them play over you and strengthen your awareness of what is good and true.


This is enough for this evening. We still are on track. The money was released today.


Namaste until tomorrow.