Sananda Speaks for Christ Michael on Problems with Certain Sexual Activities

Same-sex relationships are a curiosity that presents a physiological quandary. Sexual energy is a powerful spiritual link. It seems at odds with the physical package. I read the Phoenix comments. There is the distinction between love and activity. The question is what is the activity? We are conditioned by thinking in sexual/erotic terms, and it is difficult to read the comments without emotional reactions. I ask for further clarification on behavior. Same-sex attraction is a variation. What are the options that are spiritually and emotionally true? This is a long question, but I need more comments, please.

Jess, it’s time to begin. This is Sananda speaking for Christ Michael for now. The issue is a troublesome one. We have discussed this before, and we have an agreement on certain issues. You see the limitations of physical contact. You see the physical damage that can come from unrestricted contact. This is a decision the two people must make. It is a decision. It is not “bad” or “good” in a moral sense, it is a question of honoring your physical body and respecting the shelter it provides for the/your soul.

That consideration is a definite and practical one for 3rd dimensional existence. The body is the tool and vehicle for your exploration and learning to ascend. It is the receptacle you have fashioned to carry your soul stream through the incidents you envision and carry out on Earth-Shan. Your decision to honor it or not is your decision. It is a schooling laboratory for your existence. You come here and back here to explore various options on relationships and power. You remember something differently each time around. You explore these options and then you leave, to return, or not, depending on your decisions.

This is an interesting case study this lifetime. You are bombarded with sexual imagery, sexual urgings and suggestions. There has never been a similar saturation before in history. This is the greatest tool imaginable for control and weakness. It plays upon emotions and physical impulses together. It weakens your spiritual focus and causes you to lose your way in the path back to spiritual unity and balance with the Creator. This sounds negative and judgmental from a moralistic and religious standpoint. I’m looking at this as a practical matter. The body is a weak vessel for spiritual training. It is prone to attack and imperfections. It is a fascinating dichotomy between spiritual truth and imagined correctness. This is part of the exploration you have undertaken on Earth in this dual existence. You are struggling to learn how to find your way back. Nothing more. This is not judgment. It is fact.

Let’s talk about behavior once again. The physical actions in the “gay” lifestyle are truly disruptive from the standpoint of your body’s structure. They cause openings in the  physical structure that can be likened to rips in the energy stream. The physical structure is energy, after all, only a manifestation at a low physical vibrational frequency. It ideally flows in a true, unblocked stream that connects you with the Universe and the Creator Energy. The physical manifestation has a perfect pattern that is idealized in a template that Christ Michael has created for this his Universe. The physical  anifestation is intended to supplement and compliment this template. When man determines behaviors that are not part of the template, they disrupt the flow that was intended by Christ Michael. Again, this is not judged as “bad,” this is just an obstacle to the true flow that was intended.

Religions have determined that behaviors are “bad” and “sinful” and cause you to be damned because that was an effective means of control. It is almost impossible for Man to view this topic away from his religious indoctrination. The Creator does not create anything that He doesn’t love. He does not create anything that “damns” you. Man himself creates those things and convinces himself that his judgment and perspective is the Creator’s. The Creator is concerned with balance and the flow of the universe. The behaviors and actions in this laboratory of the 3rd dimension do not affect His envisioned ideas.

The restrictions outlined in the Phoenix Journals are the practical actions predicated on the template designed for the Universe. Like anything, Man’s behavior in this area is his choice. He chooses the direction he or she wishes to pursue in this lifetime. He makes the decisions about his life as a way of affecting and testing his emotional and spiritual baggage. He tests the blocks he has created on his flow back to the Creator Source. He examines what he can learn from this situation. He adds the experiences to his repertoire and resources. The true test is how spiritual are these behaviors.

Anything Man does is supposed to be spiritual. It is not balanced if it is not. That is the beauty of the Universe. The imbalance seeks balance. Positive seeks negative to cancel each other out and be reborn. The void that comes from canceling out opposite energies is bliss. This balance is Divine. This Divinity is the Creator.

What should men do who are attracted to men, or vice versa, women who are attracted to women? They should love each other. They should cause each other to recognize the spiritual parts of themselves. Their behavior towards each other should be spiritual on any level—physical, mental, spiritual. The body is both spiritual and sensual. Sexual energy is a circuit to the Creator. How this is generated is a determination the couple should make. The consideration should be how does the behavior respect the template that is manifested?

Sexual eroticism and orgasm are tools to heightened sexual energy—a more balanced higher energy source that transforms the body and the mind. Sex without spiritual concerns is chaos. Whatever shape that takes is the individual’s concern. Masturbation is a noninvasive action that triggers physiological chemistry leading to spiritual awareness. Kissing is an enlightened physical experience that leads to tactile spiritual triggers. Hugging and caressing are similarly tactile bonding that leads to spiritual unity. Any invasive action is a mixed blessing. It is inevitably tied in with emotional pleasure and gratification. Gratification most often leads to physical disruption of the energy flow. This disruption eventually manifests itself on the physical level as disease or emotional blockage. Again it is your choice.

I hope this helps. I wanted to express myself further through you in your phraseology so that you can see the parameters of where we will need to go. You are embarking upon a magisterial and masterful service. This is needed now at this time particularly. Sexual decisions and orientations are most often the whipping boy of society’s disapproval or dissatisfaction with itself. This is a serious subject that needs careful counseling and love.

Namaste for today,

Sananda Immanuel speaking for Christ Michael of Nebadon.