Siraya Speaks on the Spiritual Nature of Sexual Union

[Siraya has described himself to me as a stream of the Creator Source connected to the seventh superuniverse of Orvonton. The universe of Nebadon, the creation of Christ Michael, is only one of the universes that make up Orvonton. Although he plays a much larger role in Orvonton, his early comments to me focused on his link to emotion and art.]


Divinity, shall I ask you for further clarity? I understand the physiological reasons for the “laws” and I being to see the spiritual differences that should be connected with physical decisions. I have chosen to be where I am and want to work with gay men particularly—or at least the masculine imbalance that can come from preoccupations typical of gay sex. I ask for more direction. I ask for more compassion and authority to make spiritual suggestions that lead from physical agendas. I ask for your insight and help.


Yes, Jess, I can speak with you. This is a common topic that will be more and more in your mind as you get further and more and more into the bodywork. Sex as portrayed on Earth-Shan is a troublesome phenomenon that has been cultivated to turn men away from their true spiritual content and core issues. They think sex is all. They think sexual activity is the most spiritual activity they can be in. They associate orgasm with spiritual union. They are not the same, as you know.


Sexual union and merging of spiritual energy is different from merging on a physical, or even mental level. This concept of sex is tied in with emotional baggage from the past. You yourself realize this. Your have certain sexual fixations that are predicated on past experiences in this and other lifetimes… You have a weakness for them that defies their importance to you. They are only manifestations of your past and your desires to re-create something that happened long before. It has no relevance on your decision today. You must acknowledge that you are free from karmic entrapments and side ventures.


The process you will develop will take men’s sexual focus and preoccupations and turn it into an objective tool they can use to approach their spiritual nature more fully. The sexual bodywork is fine. The approach to orgasm is careful and tied in with spiritual balancing and a detachment from emotional issues and baggage. Don’t worry about the process methods. You can use whatever technique you need to make a point with the clients. You can choose where to go and where to let them go. Listen to your spiritual self. Listen to our comments and our guidance. You hear us whenever you listen to our suggestions. Sometimes you don’t, but generally you do.


Let’s not be concerned at this point with physical intrusion and sexual preoccupations. You can be aware of the risks or danger in some activities and we hope/suspect you will make the best decisions for your spiritual path. We can make suggestions to you if you ask. Don’t forget we can help with any decision, large or small.


The bodywork WebPages will suffice for now. We are gearing up for a larger one, a more extensive one that will incorporate the “channelings” you are hearing, as well as the information you have amassed on the bodywork processes…


I think this enough for this evening. We will continue to speak on these issues. This is a major crisis at this time, and it needs all the help it can get from listeners who attempt to hear what we say.


Namaste. Divinity Lord Siraya.