Commander Monka speaks on Sexual Comments by his son Soltec

I would like to connect with Monka, if you are available to me. I ask you to explain the connection I think has happened… The statement by Soltec this morning—assuming he made it—seems to lead me to think about ways this sexual disruption can be changed and cleaned. I see that as part of the purpose of the bodywork I am heading toward. I ask for comments and hope for continued connection.

Monka, are you here?


Yes, Jess. Now we can officially begin our conversation. The dinner chat last night was a good introduction to me and allowed you to see that your vision and assumptions were not misguided. That is our ship you saw to the right of the moon the other night. The other planet is Venus—the evening star. Yes, you surmised correctly. Why would there be a single star shining different colors—hum? We were there to monitor the events happening on the east coast and in your area of the country. This is not the full spaceship connected with your thoughts of either the Phoenix or the Capricorn. This you see is a shuttle craft we use for observation and research. We are based on the Phoenix with Ashtar and Aton whom you call Christ Michael. Helena and the Capricorn are designated for research and environmental work that she has been describing to Hal. You spoke with her one evening, as well. [Yes we tend to know what communications have gone on because we can pick up the energy of the conversation.]


You ask about me and my mission. And Soltec, I suspect you want to know. I realize he sounds hot to you. He is a perfect embodiment of what you on Earth call a handsome man.  I look more like you, as a matter of fact. Gray hair and a body that is sturdy and solidly mature. We are from the Pleiades originally. That you heard correctly. We have come to help with the mission and have been based on Mars most recently. All the stories you have heard are true, by the way. The base on Mars is underground and the history of the planet is much as Hoagland has surmised in his articles and essays. You should know. You have been there yourself at one point. This was a stepping stone to Earth as you prepared to begin your mission here those many years ago in Atlantis. We know your history and your achievements, and look forward to resuming our acquaintance in person.


Let’s talk about the sexual incident Soltec referred to in his message …. This was intended to pique your interest, you realize. Now is the time for you to begin directing your thinking on the ways the gay focus can be re-channeled into a more spiritual use of sexual kundalini. The insertion from CM on the weekend was also a way for you to direct your thought. This is a major stream of evil and darkness that has developed over the years and it unfortunately has garnered the reputation of being as natural as male/female coupling. It physically is not and the anus is not as designed for entry as the vagina and the vulva. The physical construction of the woman’s opening is different than the anal design. The ass was designed for expelling—the reverse of taking in the energy from a man. The sexual proclivities that have developed around anal sex have—as Soltec intimated—caused a reverse of the energy direction involved in the kundalini merging. It has short-circuited the energy consciousness of that portion of the male anatomy. This is difficult for you to understand totally, but you see the implications of a reversed intention becoming a fixed decision. The whole sexual lifestyle developed around male to male coupling has been a hybrid that has depended on a weak and a strong assuming the roles. That is why the power implications have been so prevalent. That is why domination and torture have become an optional direction.


This is not evil that is damning, but a misdirection that needs to be modified and turned toward the light again. The only way you can approach this behavior at this point is to approach it from the anal state it is. You have to be able to work with the given and then try to shift the direction of the thinking. This will ultimately become more celibate and masturbatory for both sexes. Merging will become a choice that is used only for certain circumstances to produce offspring and children. But there are levels you have to work through to get to that stage…


Namaste for the evening. We well talk more later. Look up and see our ship.