Esu Speaks on Gay Relationships in the Future

Esu, I ask for comments this evening. I am prepared for whatever will happen. I ask that it be tonight. I don’t know the circumstances of today, but if they were like mine they were not accommodating. I ask for an update and I ask for as much of a time frame as you will give me tonight.

Jess, let’s speak. How are you now? I see and feel you are better, more balanced and resolved to pursue the direction that must be followed to move Earth in the direction she must go. I am speaking to you tonight as Planetary Prince, although that is not the role you will must know me.

I want to say some things that are givens and let you see the parameters you will be working within. This is nothing you are not already aware of, but I want to remind you to prepare you for the future that will be coming soon.

I know you are working with gay relationships, but this is ultimately the sort of pairing that will not be continued. The need for your work now is necessary, however. Many, many man and women will come to this idea feeling threatened or judged. This is not the case. The truth is scientific and universal. This is based on energy exchanged and there must be the sort of energy give and take that is embodied in the male and female body types. The chemical reactions unique to each are necessary to produce the reactions that must be continued in the physical forms you are inhabiting.

I will stress that your work is necessary in order to bring awareness and a sense of reason that considers the alternatives. This is the first step that must be taken. It serves no purpose now to declare one way is the way it must be and everything else must stop. The animosity and the rejection that will be forthcoming is a state to be avoided.  What you will do is introduce phases of growth and understanding. This is a longer term process that will take several years, your time. I am looking at a time when revelations and spiritual growth are paired and interactive…

I say goodnight to you this evening. Rest well and see what tomorrow brings. It may surprise you.  Esu.