Esu Speaks Briefly on Sex and Past Life Possibilities


Esu, round two?

Jess, hello! Round two? LOL Not so much a round two as a continuation. This is just a conversation. We don’t have a lot to analyze at this point. You have a sense of what is appropriate and what is wrong-headed. This is always being worked on, but you have a grasp of the distinctions. There is not much to criticize in how you conduct yourself. There are some areas you can make improvements, certainly, but your commitment is there, even if weaker than it needs to be.

There is no point in talking about past lives or relationships at this time. You can see the effect this has on your decisions now. You can understand how past decisions cause behaviors now. You also see how past choices are being resolved now. This is a time for completion of aspects of yourself. You are ready to move on to a new phase and you need as little past baggage as possible. All those aspects of yourself in former lives have led to the composite you are now. This is your opportunity to utilize this composite for greater ends. You have set the elements in place and now it is time to draw upon them to help your intentions.

Sex is not really a topic of prime importance to you. You use reactions as a release, but it does not dominate your thinking. You have moments when you want to cut yourself off, but this merges into a more tranquil, meditative state that is not at odds with the physical struggle. Don’t worry about it. The focus is shifting anyway, and you see how your approach will be useful.  Your presumptions about relationships and behaviors are only cultural habits and have little to do with the purpose of sex or its most effective uses.  You know this; this was part of what your Reiki is dealing with. It will be time to go back to that soon. You will have the freedom to be able to examine the third parameters of couple relationships…

With that, I’m leaving.,