Esu Speaks Briefly on Possible Events


Esu, I haven’t forgotten. Speak of what I should be aware of. Tell me how to focus more. Comment on my life and its fit or not with what is best to do. My perspective is often not yours. Speak of developments and forthcoming inevitabilities, as they manifest.

Jess, I haven’t forgotten either. J We’ve both been very busy and focused on activities that are complimentary with our purpose at the moment. Mine are more complex than yours, but not better or more laudable. You bring clarity to others with your words and with your examples. You create a sense of good will and cooperation. Your example of willingness to help is a clear positive influence.

I don’t know what is looming beyond what has the potential to occur. Several activities are possible. Hierro is one; the banking collapse is another; the stock market failure; Japan and the Pacific Rim are fraught with potential for disaster. We are waiting to see which set of dominoes goes first so that we can adjust our game plan to accommodate the sequence of events…

I don’t know when things will materialize. So many potential scenarios, and so many pending events that could happen. I’m going to sign off for tomorrow.