Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Being Ready


CM, what is happening now? I ask for comments and assurance. Help me see greater insight and clarity.

Jess, let’s speak briefly, again. Your evening is over, and you do need rest. More rest, in fact. You push yourself more than you should, but you have commitments that you have set up and you try to honor them. This is laudable, but frankly unnecessary in the bigger scheme of things. You go through the system to maintain a sense of continuity, even though you know it will be soon be over.

When is that you ask? I know you doubt my time tables. I assure you it won’t take until December 2012 your time. This is a meaningless date, in any event. The causation will be alignment and energetic receptiveness, not a calendar date that has little bearing on anything.

You ask why not now? The flow of positive energy surrounding certain set practices has not yet reached the tipping point. This is a variable point that does shift, depending on the support or disapproval an issue has. I know you don’t understand what the delay is. There are factors beyond what you can measure with your intellect that must be accommodated. We look at this climactic point as taking place in a relative now that seems to us as an instant. It seems to you as an extended period that has lasted much beyond what was suggested. This in effect is an extended now that must have all its variables in place to be accomplished and to be ready to change to another level of being.

That is non-specific, as you point out. I can’t pin point the definite instance when things are met. I see your concerns and your behaviors as it approaches. You are reluctant to purchase anything expensive because you wonder if the time is so short it won’t matter. I say let them slide.

You still are concerned with when. You have read and heard the cautionary tales about pinning too many hopes on an outcome.  You feel in a straight jacket, in many ways. You are tired of continuing this existence with no definite future to plan for. You see possible goals to begin pursuing, but you don’t know if the effort will have time to produce the results you envision.

What are you supposed to do, you ask? You should continue as you are. Be watchful and mindful that things will change in an instant. Go day to day on your calendar and check off things as you come to them. This is creating satisfaction, even if you are fulfilling a role that is pointless beyond engendering good will and cooperation. That is not a bad thing, you realize.

Be ready to leave. This is accomplished by keeping the time in your mind as soon and being prepared to drop things to move to others. We have told you this for years, we realize. Just maintain a neutral commitment and be discerning in your actions.

I think this enough. I’m not going to tell you specific events to come, or even specific eventualities that will have to happen. Be ready and flexible.

CM Aton