Christ Michael Speaks about the Heart


CM, speak to me of truth and knowing our individual path. I have tried to discover this, but situations change and needs become less of a priority. I recognize the heart comments from the writings posted by James at one point. How can we connect the true and the good in these various interpretations?

Jess, I can speak to you a bit before you go to sleep. You still need rest. ..

I have spoken to you before about the heart as the vehicle. Universal ideas come to man individually through our love for him. He absorbs the energy through his physical system and sends waves to his brain. The brain is a computer that sorts out all the conflicting possibilities for interpretation and classifies the idea in a form that the person’s brain is able to analyze. The information in the heart idea is then categorized and sent to the appropriate section of the physical system to react to its energy. The brain is a clearing house to understand the ideas your heart receives.

Your spirit is idea that is part of the universal whole. The ideas dedicated to your purpose and your person are naturally attached to you. Your soul is the essence of you that was created to explore some aspect of the great or lesser universe. You are an extension of me, which is an extension of the Creator Source. Even if you are not one of my direct creations, you are using my created form in this universe to be here. You have a part of me in you regardless of where you were created.