Christ Michael Speaks Briefly on Bodywork and Sexual Issues in the Future


CM, comments on today?  I’m feeling like I’m falling apart, so I ask for assistance and healing. Speak of what is to come. What is happening that is secret? Why was there such a concern for these days?

Jess, I want to talk to you briefly again. ..

At this point you can stop the massages. They won’t serve much purpose now. There will be a different process you can develop later, but this is the end of most of the bodywork as it is described currently. It has served its purpose, for you and for the clients.

It is not yet time to develop the re-tuning the aura process. This will come later as an important modality. We have not forgotten your years of developing this method. It just has not had sufficient time yet to become known.

The sexual healing approach you have developed will be an important approach later. This will function as you have envisioned. We agree with the perspective you have developed. We recognize that it will be much more productive to work with sexual issues if we use a broader brush stroke that was indicated in our earlier Journal comments. As you have argued, these comments were given at a time when Earth’s population was going to be removed. A new location would require a new perspective, and our comments were geared to the differentiation that was going to be necessary. Once removed from Earth’s limitations, the spiritual laws were going to be more structured and detailed.

We see now that maintaining an acknowledgement of the range of sexual options that has developed will be a more workable starting place.  I am part of man, and these developments he has made are still part of me, even if they ignore me or reject me at times. Man hasn’t had the power to develop new energy or new behaviors that I haven’t already considered.

The time is still a secret. We could suggest some things about to take place, but they are meaningless without our universal context. They won’t have the effect they intend. Don’t be concerned with attacks or shortages. These will be made to serve our purposes.

This is enough for today. Rest well and feel better tomorrow.