Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Anger and Perfection


Christ Michael Aton, I’m asking for comments on anger and blame and seeking perfection. These topics have raised questions with me and I feel both should be addressed.

Jess, I am here with you. These both are dissimilar but connected topics, as you view them. I speak of perfection, but I understand that man is not capable of that state. I ask for as much completion as possible and as much resolution. Man’s sense of balance and accomplishment is tied in with his sense of achieving a goal or finding a solution. He doesn’t sense equilibrium unless he has no more tasks that are incomplete.

I seek the best resolution possible for ongoing situations that man has started. These are complicated by steps Gaia must take to move ahead with her ascension to a new level of vibration. We are coordinating various levels of energy that each requires a separate field of operation. The energy of Earth that you view with anticipation of disasters is one complicated level. The winding down of struggles in other fields like banking or military control have still a strong energy pattern that must have closure. Man’s attempts to keep these initiatives going are preventing a peaceful dying down of the energy arc. His last minute attempts to keep control have continued this sequence beyond the limit of what should have been a natural ending. Any possible option is tried with little regard for the peripheral consequences.

I am working from a time frame determined by galactic and cosmic changes that have been planned by Source and his agents in Orvonton. I am privy to the choices, and my determinations are colored by these others at a higher level. I am the supreme creator and judge for my universe of Nebadon, but my position is, none the less, in coordination with the decisions of my overseers. I have my own free will in choices for my universe, but even they must be in alignment with directives from Havona and the Paradise Isle.

Let’s continue with the questions you asked yourself. What is anger? What is blame? How is this manifested, and who is to determine what authority makes judgment?

Anger is a reaction based on memories and experiences. It is an emotional creation that shifts responsibility to someone or something else. Unhappiness or frustration seeks a cause, and man is programmed at this point to assume the source of discomfort or imbalance is external.

All reactions are built around internal decisions. An outside source does not choose an individual response. A situation is analyzed and placed in a category made up of preconceptions and opinions. These categories trigger emotional responses, which then trigger actions or reactions.

An individual perceives a situation, determines the extent of interaction with personal balance, evaluates the extent of this disruption based on past experiences, ranks it, and begins to define it with emotional reactions. These emotional reactions range from anger to helplessness. Based on these emotional colorings, an individual gives up personal control to the perceived threat. The reactions may be an attack or surrender. The blame is put on the outside cause, and the anger or feeling of weakness is viewed as a justified defense.

In each situation the cause of the feelings is the individual, not the outside source. When a person maintains spiritual balance, the perception of discomfort is viewed as an assessment of personal context that needs a different focus. Something internal needs to be examined and resolved to prevent this sense of imbalance.  Why is the external situation causing a sense of threat or weakness? What preconception triggers this reaction? What caused this preconception in the first place? What experience could have been handled differently and resolved with more peace?

Once this core issue is realized, an individual can release the negative energy by asking for alignment with my truth and light. When this core issue is released and cleaned, the emotional baggage disappears. The outside disturbance no longer takes away personal power and triggers an emotional habit in defense.

Much is happening in your outside world—or at least it seems that way, based on the information your senses are able to provide. Perceptions are colored by the perceptions of others, and described in terms that have been determined by the observers as red flags to set off preconditioned emotional routines. It is impossible for man to free himself from these emotional manipulations, even though he tries to remain balanced.

My advice is to examine before you react. Look at the source of the information, analyze the description, maintain a sense of perspective on reactions it may cause in others, and explore your own emotional feelings before you rush into action or surrender your resistance. Ask for balance and alignment to know what steps to take. Don’t automatically fall into reactions that are preconditioned or set up by the information itself.

I am in charge of what is going on, not the powers of the dark, or the voices telling you how to think or react.  Political unrest and natural disasters are just experiences, not events that will cause me to lose control of my creation. I am not allowing the destruction of anything that will be necessary for man to ascend with Earth. This is a given. This has already been decided, and all the so-called threats you see are only generating fear to tap into instilled habits that prevent you finding spiritual balance and alignment with me.  Focus on me and ignore what is trying to create anger or blame. Resolve your personal issues and move towards perfection.

Christ Michael Aton