Esu Describes My Role in Christ Michael’s Creation Plan

[This message was triggered by an email I received suggesting I look at the Gnotic Creation story. It’s version described Christ Michael as a demiurge who created this part of the universe.]

Esu, I ask for some clear answers about the alternative interpretations I am hearing. Who are the players, and what is my exact role in this. What is your exact role? What is Candace’s? Which view is “more correct,” to use that awkward phrase. I sense my position still as parallel but separate. Am I using this as the best tool for now? Am I staying on the path I should with what is happening? I ask for your clarity and true information on this. Speak to me directly and bluntly.

Jess, good morning. This is Esu. You doubt still the ability you have to hear me clearly. This is understandable, because you see no visible evidence beyond people’s reactions to my words through you. This is setting the precedent of what will be happening, you know. Believe in the ability you have to hear. Believe in my ability to speak through you. This is a very crucial point I must make now with you. You are the spokesman I will need to clarify my wishes and judgments.

Why is this necessary, you ask again? This necessary for the very reasons you throw up to me. People won’t accept my statements and rulings without a visible front that give them a angible form for my words. They will hear them slightly at a disjuncture because they come through you, but they will also listen to you and hear me, whereas they wouldn’t otherwise if I were not mouthing my words through you verbally. This is a compromise, I agree, but it is a necessary compromise because the people on Earth are compromised. There is no other way to reach them. There is no other way that I will be realized immediately. Any mechanical means would be judged contrived. Speaking through you will also be looked at askance by many, but it will be accepted much more quickly than any other way. That is why I said it was going to be a grueling six or eight months. It possibly will go longer, now that the schedule has been disrupted again.

Let me speak to the conditions of what is happening. Candace is a tool, just as you are a tool. Your purpose in this is different, however. You are an extension of me that has long been connected to my spirit. We bonded in many lifetimes, in many locales. We are part of the same stream of salvation and regeneration. I am inner; you are outer and show men/humans ways to move inside from their external surroundings. This has always been your role. You are the Angel of Death only because you are able to lead men on Earth to another level of their existence that is more evolved and more near to the perfection they have detached themselves from.

How do you fit in this? You are a peripheral agent that is observing and commenting on the progress of this evolution. You have long provided the tools for men to work with and now you are observing their evolution come to its level of fruition on Earth. This is the next phase of Earth’s evolution, and man has to provide the surroundings for her to assume in he  move upward closer to her lighted dimensions. This is part of his agreement being here.

Let’s speak of Christ Michael and the thesis proposed by [your friend]. I come to say to you that it is true in parts. You observed the creation of Nebadon, and you saw how Aton took over the formation of this universe of duality. This is a playstation for experiment. The overriding factor is testing and alternative realities. His idea was to form this as a creation, and he was permitted by the Creator Source and the Ancients who manifest the wishes of the Creator’s prime initiatives. You can say he was allowed to build this and allowed to examine the full range of possibilities that have happened. It was a unique idea and it has produced an immense wealth of reaction and perceptions that have re-colored the collective mind/knowledge base of the Creative Source.

The creation myth you read was a description that was created in 3rd dimensional terms to imagine the unimaginable. Look below the myth and see the scenario and the strategy. The elements of the story depict Christ Michael and his formation as a demiurge capable of creating his universe. He was not the creator of the seventh universe, but he was allowed to create one within it. The seventh universe is the embodiment of the trinity of light encompassing idea, will, and manifestation. This trinity of components formed the dimensions Christ Michael was able to work with in his own Nebadon. He formed this universe as a means for him to achieve and realize his own identification as a Michael. The Urantia terminology is correct in that sense. Its description is the closest to what went on that is available, although the Gnostic creation myth explores the emotional content more completely and accurately.

It is time for the evolution of Nebadon to go to the next phase. Not just Earth, but the whole universe of which Earth is a part. This was decided in realms beyond the showcase that is the headquarters in Jerusam. Christ Michael has always sought to control this movement, and his universal laws have always dictated the parameters. We all agree to be part of this grand experiment. You were here to show men wherever that they could rediscover themselves by looking inward. I have always represented the goal of the inner movement. We are a team, and it is crucial that I have you working with me again. I sought you out in stages, you understand, because you had to reconcile yourself to this.

The Abundant Hope forum and movement is a means to this end. I saw this as the best way for you to reconnect with me. This is not my direct service, but it is a means for me to achieve some things. Candace herself is as she presents herself, but Christ Michael has a purpose in working through her. He is once again eliminating any competition for his dominance of thought and expression. This is within his right, because he created the parameters and designed the game plan that is in operation. You must realize that this is being worked out as it progresses and with input from a variety of sources, not just his. You should look at him as a moderating CEO who is dependant on all the streams of research that are coming in to him to allow him to decide. I am working with him in this Universe because I have chosen to follow his direction. I agreed to work with him 2,000 years ago in the Jesus manifestation, and I am working directly with him again as he seeks to move his creation into its next phase.

I don’t want to say that all is black and white. I want to say that there are numerous options that are all possible, and that I am working with you to fulfill my purpose through this scenario that Christ Michael is creating. Collaboration and merging is the nature of energy movement and creation. All is energy and light, even our different levels of manifestation in different dimensions and densities. Don’t dismiss anything summarily. It is all part of the large plan that is examining what created idea actually is. There is no good/bad. There is no sin/innocence beyond connection or disconnection to the Creative Source. Everything else is a manifestation of idea. Whatever level you speak about. Gnostic evolution and creation are one level. The Urantia book is one level. Candace and the goals of Abundant Hope are one level. Cara and her pendlings are one level. They are not the same level and each has its own purpose and role in this large exploration that is Earth within the context of Nebadon. Some are more in line than others in their whole. In line with Christ Michael’s parameters as he formulated them. Working in this situation implies cooperation with the ideas completely. This was your choice—speaking to everyone—and this is your purpose here now. Look to see your joy and manifestation and gravitate to whatever method you feel best serves you. This is incumbent on you to realize…



Planetary Prince appointed to Nebadon and Earth.