Aton Speaks on Preparation

Aton, I ask for comments from you this evening. Too many possibilities cause indecision and worry. I seek clarity and focus and help moving in the best direction. I ask for guidance and assurance.

Jess, this is Aton. I speak with clarity, as you requested.

The events occurring now are chaotic and impossible to assess from your standpoint. Many streams of resistance are drying up. Many players are without resources or support. The routine continues even though there are no acceptable alternatives for them, and they realize the end result won’t be what they desire.

This is a pointless continuance of effort, but their actions have to play out. Once they have begun something, the action must be completed. The challenge for us is to prevent them from choosing to pursue further resistance. This prevention comes through presenting other options that seem more attractive or secure. We can’t choose for them, but we can work on the context for the options they see in the hope they will realize that an alternative is better for them.

I know you are concerned about timing and sequence. Even though we tell you on Earth to consider everything as an immediate reality, you still question the sequence of the future and feel you have to determine your actions based on what you think will happen. I have told you before, and I will say again here now, that your choices determine your future, not the other way around. The future is not set in any sort of predetermined sequence. Reality is the result of choice, and you create your reality. When you adjust your thinking, you began to see that past and future are nothing but contexts for the moment you are in as you think. That moment is all that exists. Everything else is context. Everything else is how you perceive that one moment. That one moment is all there is because that is all you can prove.  That moment is unity with me and that is all there is.

The events you see playing out are reports that display the focus of the reporter. Nothing is complete. Everything is slanted to the interests and understanding of the observer. Reading the news requires filtering and discernment. Most information is based on a truth of some sort, but the agenda of the reporter is always a factor to understand. What is said and why? How does this play on your personal emotions? How do you react to what you read or hear? How much does this information cause you to lose your focus on your own purpose?

It is very easy to assimilate a sequence of stories and reports to affirm an agenda. The Internet is an amazing invention providing the option of supporting any belief with seemingly researched and approved information. Any point of view can be made convincing.  The task of the reader is to weigh everything in the scales of a personal alignment with me and my intention. This is not as narrow as it may seem. I am the creator of all, which means I created the individual purposes I want explored. I didn’t limit my creation to one perspective or one set of rules for behavior as outlines for individuals to examine. I want a full range of experience to be reported on.

Now there are certain parameters I chose to work with as I was creating this universe and this Earth. The fundamental laws I selected are by default the most supported by me.  I am more strongly unified with a member of my creation that seeks to embody these chosen parameters. This is why I say some behaviors are aligned and some are not. The nature of creation unfortunately means that anything not in alignment will cause friction and imbalance. The nature of man has become one of not seeing the imbalance and blockage as he lives his life. Your task as lightworkers is pointing out the inefficiency of certain choices and behaviors in terms of spiritual growth.

I don’t plan to cast myself in the Hollywood role of a wrathful God judging the less successful incarnates with damnation and anger. Those behaviors are based on memories and emotional perceptions of previous experiences. They are man’s interpretations of what he thinks God is like.

God is love. God is always holding out the option of return to a unity with him. However, for reasons beyond the circumstances Earth and man find themselves in, it has been determined that no choices can be made beyond a certain point. I have acceded to these wishes, and the steps leading to the next phase of ascension have been started in accordance with the wishes of Source.

The infusion of the wishes of Source will manifest in what you are now calling the Wave of energy that will change the Earth. This always was the determining factor in what we have been undertaking the last twenty years, but the circumstances of Earth’s acceptance and rejection of our overtures have led to what is happening now. These seeming random bursts of political and geophysical upset are the last examples of resistance set against our attempts to direct Earth into a more accepting perspective. The depth and complexity of these endeavors are beyond your comprehension, and the level of resistance is also beyond what you can imagine. We have both sides in control, but certain rogue elements continue to be a nuisance that prevents final closure.

I don’t want to tell you when the Wave will arrive in its initial peak of influence. This first crest will be as much as you can assimilate on your own at this time. Other more radically changing waves will follow, but the plan is still to put the Earth into a stasis that allows these energies to effect the changes without interference from man. Man will adapt to these Waves, but he won’t understand how this happens until after the fact. This is for man and Earth’s protection primarily, although the higher energies are easier to assimilate without any sort of interruption.

I will tell you all to prepare by preparing yourself. Examine your life and see what obstacles need to be removed. This requires no more than self-assessment to determine the causes and then a request to me for removal.  You will feel a sense of joy when these blocks are removed from your perspectives. This self-cleaning will do more to stimulate change than any behavior you can undertake. The example you show will influence others more readily than falling back into a pattern of protest or attack that plays to past political control and manipulation. Break that cycle of action. Rethink how to interact by changing yourself first.

Once you start this, the sequence of events or schedule of dates lose their potency. You realize that you are not controlled by your perceptions or other’s emotional interpretations of what seems to be happening. You are separate and solidly connected to me.

These are my comments this evening.  You may post as you will.