Esu’s Autobiography and My Role in His Activities, Part 2

Jess, shall we continue? There has been a hiatus since last this was going on. Many things have been imposed on this recounting connection. I know you have been following the twists and turns of the magnetic polar shift in conjunction with the rotational factors that some have been tracking. This has caused a continued re-thinking of the process we have to follow to implement the stasis level we have decided to work with. The uncertainty of the amount of magnetic shift has necessitated several alternative procedures that will accommodate whatever happens when it happens. I would say you are still viewing this situation more objectively than you should. You are part of the events being materialized, and you should always remember that you are part of the input. The collective decision making is less fully representative of all if any one does not participate. This allows others to determine what you experience, and that is not the intent for individual decision making as planned on Earth. This acceptance of a subordinate role has caused so much of the conflict that we are finally forced to address actively.

Our roles on Earth have been involved with this scenario from the beginning of our connections with this planet. You have been told you saw the direction this was going and wanted to provide a means for this to be circumvented. I saw that my role could be one of providing a mechanism for man to understand the reason this was necessary. You developed your concepts through a series of incarnations in the Pleiades system. You found ways to use separate ideas as tools to direct a reassessment of beliefs. Prepared examples guided man’s thinking in new directions. You developed a system that would work for the type of incarnation that had developed within Earth’s planetary structure.

I contributed the awareness of what the tools led to. Artistic ideas provided the templates you chose to express universal truths in language that spoke directly to the emotions and the thought processes of man on Earth. The examples were individual guides that led to self-realization and awareness of higher truths. You provided the system; I provided the understanding.

You have maintained watch over this system since you first incarnated in the days of Atlantis. I spoke to you once of your choice for “guerilla warfare” in the physical world you were trying to lift up. I joined you at various times as a partner to strengthen the direction your process was taking. The time in Jerusalem was a watershed for world belief, and we both worked to outline a comprehensive expression of the universal truth that Christ Michael was seeking to manifest on Earth. The tenets and explanations that were actualized through the physical embodiment of Christ Michael through me was the beginning of the shift in the move to planetary ascension that is reaching its final stages at this time. Christ Michael felt that it would take the two thousand years he projected for it to reach the level of awareness man needed to be able to take part knowingly in steering the direction Earth must go.

I speak these things to you this morning of Easter because you are ready to hear these comments from me. I have spoken of aspects of this at various times, but we have never discussed this in this detail or in the context of what you can determine as an informed observer. I respect your ability to observe and comment. I chose to use you as a voice to express my concepts to others. Again you are providing the tools for me to show awareness and understanding of Christ Michael Aton’s truths. We play this game again, as we have done so many times before. I use the word “game” because it is only an experience of existence that we both are participating in. I have agreed to be the physical leader on Earth, and you are once again helping me to do this.

Many of our associates are also involved with this project. You know many and have already spoken to key figures. My role here is to be the example that allows man to see his way to a greater level of universal awareness, and I will explain to him what that truth is. Lady Nada, as you call her, is part of that universal scenario. Man is constructed still in physical embodiments of male and female, with DNA encoding that revolves around sexual interaction and merging of individual energies. This encoding provides the core template for determining cultural attitudes and relationships. All revolves around the concept of pairing or breaking apart. My role will embody the ideal of this relationship with Lady Nada, my ideal partner. This example will reinforce the effects of DNA recoding that will redirect the nature of man’s relationships. Your role in this will, at first, be the mouthpiece for my comments helping to shape man in the direction of a greater awareness. Once we reach a level of comprehension, man will be able to embrace the example I will provide with Nada. She does prefer to be called Nada. Names and titles are useful only as hooks to pin concepts on in the minds of those creating a mental structure aligned with their preconceptions and emotional satisfaction. Nada is simple and expresses her ability to exemplify the spiritual void we must find to begin recreation. The yin/yang concept expresses this pairing clearly.

This long narrative and biography can come to a close with these comments. We will explain more later, but this is a taste of what is to come.