Esu Speaks on My Role in Evolution of Planet Earth, Part 3

Esu, let’s continue a bit more and have you speak to how I adapted the process to Atlantis and what came afterwards. Speak how it has come full circle now and what you foresee me doing with it as part of the move to ascension. I try to be ready but continuing my schedule even so with ongoing events I have committed to previously.


Yes, let’s talk now. You have focused on this conversation, so let’s proceed. The past is past. Don’t dwell on memories. Grow from your remembrance.


You know much of what has happened since you incarnated on Atlantis. You understand the process, and now you see the extent of what you had envisioned. You coordinated with the spirits that incarnated as various composers to produce a specific musical vibration in their compositions and life energy that would fit the catalogue of vibrational patterns you sought to use for re-tuning. This has taken many years to be accomplished, but now it is in place and you can use it as you projected.


You saw that this approach would be necessary to develop when you realized that Atlantis was doomed. The spiritual re-tuning process was more direct in your days there. You had a crystal instrument to generate the vibrations that allowed physical realignment and spiritual balance. This was lost and you had to re-design your method. That was when you suggested that music compositions and colored atmospheric vibrations would replicate the effects you had been able to achieve with the crystals. This would create a global vocabulary that would work on preparing emotions and mental attitudes without explicit awareness of its effect. Music and color spoke to emotional memories although there was little awareness of how this happened. You continued to monitor this process through various incarnations that both shaped the music creation directly and also provided the supporting political context for this to take place. You coordinated the cultural systems necessary to produce certain types of music that you would need. This has led to what you have now.


I see you taking this process and expanding it to work as a touchstone for many levels of interior healing and insight. This will occur in stages, most probably, with physical levels of healing taking place first before spiritual enlightenment begins connecting the body with universal truths that allow a move through what Lyricus calls the Grand Portal. This is the scientific verification of the influence of spirit.


I see this taking place a few years after your initial work with me. This is a necessary preliminary that you have agreed to provide. I want your voice as my voice for a period of time. Earth’s vibrations will be increased with the work during stasis, but they still will not be quite high enough to allow for my complete manifestation and embodiment as a physical entity for a period of time. I will be present as spirit and visible energy to those most attuned to my higher frequency. You will be a channel of sorts, although you will be conscious and I will be there visibly, but not materially in Earth’s definition. We will work this out during stasis, and you will be very visible once we begin speaking to groups.


Stasis will be a time of learning and retraining for you. Much work will be happening on the surface. It is more practical and quicker for our experts to deal with the most dangerous and devastating damages you have caused on Earth.  The movement of this part of the Universe is organized around a sequence of events that are causative. The initial physical changes on Earth are part of this sequence, and it can’t be left to traditional change to set them in motion in time. This typically would be the work of the inhabitants of a damaged planet, but it has been determined that Earth is an exception and we are stepping in for the better good of the whole, not just Earth.


I don’t have a date to give you, but I will keep saying it is very soon. Much has triggered the chaos I spoke of. Look to the resolution happening quickly, and the political landscape changing drastically. The Story information is true, even if you don’t see it on your news. The insistence on the deliveries and payment before regime change is a waste of time. They will not be placed in a bank before the bank is clearly operating in a new way. This aggravates the premise of deposit and indicates that those constantly harping on this preceding are due for a big let down based on reliable information they don’t have or refuse to acknowledge.


That is all for tonight. Esu.