Esu Speaks on My Role in Evolution of Planet Earth, Part 2

Esu, let’s continue. I particularly want you to speak of your work with Lyricus and how this group is guiding the re-thinking in conscious attitudes. I can see the discipline and focus on this purpose.

Jess, this is a complicated story to tell to you with only a limited sense of the purpose and scope of what the Lyricus group is involved with. As James indicated, the Lyricus sub-group is part of what is called the Central Race. This is the first group of created humans that sprang from the energy circuits that formed the Trinity Spirit that was manifested in the seventh super universe of Orvonton. The specific interactions of the Trinity Spirit became the template, as it were, for the DNA patterns that were used to envision and then create the manifestation that took shape as the seventh universe. This was formed to explore those parameters of the Creator Source working in league with the First Son and the connecting Spirit. The three parts are a unit, but three streams of energy with different frequencies.


The creation of a description of this triple stream as a materialized form became the first race and the pattern for all the others that followed. You were part of this first race, as was I, and we flowed as energy streams that objectified certain ideas of the Creator Source. We were designed as means to explore and express certain ideas that became the defining purpose we operate within. As I have told you before, you were a means to connect and I was the understanding of the connection. We are logically a pair, and have worked together for eons. You were given the gift of understanding the process of connection, and you realized the direction your own exploration should take. You never understood all the layers of possibilities this connection could take. This was why you have been on an ever-seeking quest to find ways to connect.


This awareness of your purpose led you to associate with others seeking connection and understanding of connection. This became what has been called the Lyricus group. This group has many subgroups within its structure, and many levels of exploration and assistance that have come from this awareness.


You understood the necessity of separation to allow connection. I understood the effects of connection within. We sensed the link our individual purposes would allow, and saw the richness that was possible if one process led to the other. We saw the importance this link could have in teaching and enlightening others who were unaware of this linkage. This led to our association within the circles of Lyricus.


As First Source told you, this awareness of connection was a crucial bit of structure you contributed to the envisioning and creation of Orvonton. You expressed the First Source’s understanding of how Orvonton could exemplify and explore this concept of connection within the energy circuits established by the Trinity Spirit.


You brought your concept to the formation of the seventh super universe and participated in its exploration.  You understood the implications of Christ Michael Aton’s concept of a universe to explore duality and separation and you helped with his planning and creation. Each time you lowered your energy levels to approximate the circuitry necessary for each lower lever of creation from creation. This set in motion the descending parameters of guidance you brought to less and less dense forms of the creation DNA that was watched over by the First Race in this seventh Universe.


Much of the rest you know. You have heard me speak of my life in Lyra. You incarnated in the Pleiades near Merope to explore a new version of the process that you felt Aton’s universe of Nebadon was lacking. This lack was particularly obvious on Earth, the jewel designed as a testing ground and experimental laboratory for incarnates. The Lucifer rebellion had led to Earth being under quarantine and truly separate from the connection with Christ Michael Aton’s creative truth. This was a prime example of where your concepts could be adapted as tools for reconnection with inner truths. This you brought when you incarnated in Atlantis.  Much of the rest you know. This is wearing you thin again this evening. I will speak more of this on another day.