Esu Speaks on Anu, James’ Interview, and the True Annunaki Role in Shaping Earth DNA

Esu, there seems to be a conflict of information…Speak of Anu or whoever is involved and how this person influenced Earth. Speak of Atlantis and the connections there. I see correlations with other versions. What is the accurate story, and does it matter anyway? Also speak of this time now and what seems most likely to happen and when. I ask to be clear and release the anger that is rising to the surface.



Yes, I am here. This is a complicated story that has many permutations depending on who the teller is and who the listener is. James is jumping the gun, to an extent, in describing much that he outlined in his interview. He was seeing the need to push knowledge forward faster than public awareness and perception warrants. His reactions have been mixed and the public dialogue has been spotty, for the most part.


His comments are not out of the ordinary in terms of where he sees the evolution of man’s thinking heading. He is imbued with an awareness of the paucity of intelligent discussion and discernment that surrounds his presentations, and he is searching for new forums and styles to attract the next level of respondents. The interviews in each case have been experiments to see how his comments are perceived and received. He is aware that they are largely falling on deaf ears. His reactions on threads have been the bulk of his responses.


The information James is speaking to is true on a level that is beyond the capability of most of his readers to accept. What is truth anyway? Truth is alignment with the unity of how the universe is structured. This includes both Nebadon and the vaster array of Orvonton and the grand universe system encircling the Paradise Isle, to use the Urantia book’s terminology. As James pointed out, man’s mental vocabulary is conditioned by his upbringing and by the limited of knowledge that has been accepted by his culture. Information is restricted and perceptions and discernments are conditioned by this limited range of options. The reality of the universe beyond the third and fourth dimension is unimaginable at present. The unity and interaction on spiritual and sensory levels are beyond man’s capacity to understand.


There is a veil that is drawn between man’s perceptions and the reality of the greater universe system he belong to. Man has purposely limited his perceptions to live on the Earth at this time to work through the barriers of unresponsiveness and negativity that characterize much of what is seen publicly. His “floundering” in the dark to find solutions is the only way these problems can be solved with a solution that can be taught to others. The solution is experiential and the information acquired is unique and unobtainable any other way. Man has volunteered to “dumb down,” so to speak, to find these solutions.


The question of how man came to this state is complicated to answer, and ultimately without point. Suffice it to say that the “true” scenario is beyond the scope of any of the versions that are being touted as truth. Man was the product of many diverse inputs from many sources. The DNA structure was planned by the overseers for genetic development within this grand universe. It reflected the interactive resonance of the seventh spiritual manifestation of the Trinity. All three personal components made up this amalgam, and the spiritual embodiment that took form in the DNA structure characteristic of the seventh super universe reflects this unique composite.


You have seen the outline of the progress of this galaxy and planet. Christ Michael was given permission to create a universe that could explore his fascination with free will and possible separation from complete alignment. This structure allowed for the development you read about. His process of construction can be likened to the story told in the Urantia book, but it is much more than is conveyed in the writing that has been published.


The hierarchy as described is non existent in one dimension and fully realized in another. You on Earth at this time need to visualize the relationships inherent in the grand universe system as operating in a mode that reflects your cultural decisions. You would not feel the resonance and understanding you need to begin linking to this grand unity that will be a characteristic. You must approach these immensities in a fashion that is palatable and digestible. The perceptions you have are colored by your thoughts and preconceptions. There is no other way you can analyze and categorize the information presented to you. It also must be spoon fed to you to allow you to acclimate your thinking to a new perception or a restructured awareness.


James was correct in speaking to this greater reality. His perceptions and descriptions of this supradimensional level of unity and comprehensiveness were appropriate. Man cannot perceive what he was trying to articulate, however.


As to the story of Anu and the Anunnaki, the mythology in all cases is one-sided and used to support a particular agenda that needs this validation. Who was Anu? Anu was a fictitious embodiment of the drive to be self governed. There was no Anu, per se, and James was well aware of this when he spent much of his written commentary speaking to this historical reality. His audience was expecting to hear this slant on historical development, and he presented his point of view in a new mythology that suited the readers’ expectations. It was no more accurate historically that the Urantia version, or the Drunvalo Melchizadek composite printed as his version. Aspects of all of these occurred, and elements of others that were not mentioned.


The Anunnaki were a real presence, and they had a leader that caused genetic paradigms to be tampered with. The original DNA threads and individual purposes that were brought by Earth inhabitants were manipulated and restructured to produce a hybrid living entity that was controlled and made subservient to the overseers’ wishes. This story is true. Man was a composite of different physical strands, and the soul carriers, as James describes them, are functioning at different levels of spiritual interaction with the souls and the sovereign integrals he describes. This mix of physical/spiritual types is not the result of one cultural group. Man is operating a body that–while adapted to its environment—is blocked from perceiving certain levels of spiritual insight. This was a conscious choice when individuals chose to come to a planet that was operating at a lower level of vibrational density that the dimension they had come from. This could be perceived as coming to a spiritual prison with little access to mental escape mechanisms.


I feel that this controversy is ultimately beside the point of where man is moving in his spiritual awareness. The perception James described is useful for some but unpalatable to many others, at this point.


You can deal with this information as you wish, of course, and your decision will influence your own process of assimilation or rejections. This is only a consideration you will negotiate on your way to a broader perspective on man’s incarnation.


I am Esu and James speaking for this question of perception.