Esu Discusses Man’s Reliance on Incomplete Symbols to Understand Universe, Part 3

The story of Nibaru is a sham. Mother Shekmet is not aboard the Nibaru planet ship. This is not hovering there unseen ready to solve the world’s problems. Nor is it going to aggravate its difficulties. This is another New Age Rapture story that is safer for alternative thinking.

I would suggest now that you post the first two messages and leave the bulk of this one for you. There is no reason not to. The timeline is still a work in progress, but the scenario I suggested is the most favored one at the moment. You understand that nothing is settled until it is determined. Everything is in flux to our way of thinking. We are not locked into the logical progression and timeline you feel you need on Earth. This is another of those conveniences you will gladly look beyond when the time is right. All reality is now and has infinite ways of being achieved. We do not judge the choice made—only look at it as the progression chosen and see how it impacts all other choices or possibilities. The combination of choices is what makes up the forward movement toward a goal that is shared.

That seems to be enough for today. I will speak later. The time grows short in your thinking when the next phase of your focus and responsibilities will begin.