Esu Discusses Man’s Reliance on Incomplete Symbols to Understand Universe, Part 2

Esu, I am curious about events. Personal situations as well as global changes. I ask for guidance and clarity this evening. Speak on upcoming possibilities and help me understand the best choices to make.

Jess, Merry Christmas, such as it is. This is theoretically Christ Michael’s and my birth, although you know the discrepancies that have been caused by shifting the actual time frame. This was to give more universal significance to a time that was already celebrated in other non-Christ-like cultural belief systems. This rang true to them as another addition to an already accepted tradition. The fact this celebration of my birth has gained such prominence is due to the need for religious manipulation and control of spiritual attitudes. I can speak now of plans that are being made. We are working closely with the end of the month. This truly is a time of decision. You are in a determined state with your decision to administer with me this time of major reeducation and rethinking. The most probable time frame now is to wait until the first of the New Year and complete the checklist, so to speak. We prefer as few undecided as possible. This will somewhat simplify the arrangements that we have to make.

You question the degree we are participating in this. We are simply providing the means to fulfill the wishes of the majority of the inhabitants with as little disruption as possible in their ongoing life patterns. This is not an intervention in the sense we will do all. We are setting the scene, so to speak, so that you can function more effectively. There is so much unnecessary waste and harmful residue that you need our assistance to move the elimination process further along. This clean up would take you dozens of years. We can do this much more quickly and present a refurbished and workable eco system for you to tackle yourself with changes you can more easily coordinate.

The timeframe is most likely the first part of January for announcements and a presentation to prepare the populace for the Jupiter events. This will be contingent on political decisions and actions that must be taken to kick off the legal moves that are planned. This is predicated on Obama spearheading the lancing operation that will set the rest in motion. He looks to his advisors to point the way he should go, but they are generally serving their own future potentials.…

I think it is time for you to rest. We will continue this tomorrow.