Esu Discusses Man’s Reliance on Incomplete Symbols to Understand Universe, Part 1

Esu, I ask for more information and clarification. Speak on Nibaru and the Annunaki. Explain further the degree of real information and fiction involved in the legends. Speak on the timeframe as the end of this year approaches. What is in motion and seems likely to be the scenario? Speak of what will come and how I will be connected to it.

Jess, I am here. You needed to clear out your thinking a bit and open up to my input without your coloring my comments. You understand what I am saying to you. The concept of clearing your thoughts and opening up more channels for ideas is the concept behind telepathy as Helen [Engel] described.  Your mind on Earth is shaped by a structure that has been programmed by eons of past experiences and thought formation. This mental and emotional baggage is what causes man on Earth to continue in loops of circular thinking and reasoning. Accepted rules and determinations from previous circular thinking can only lead to more circular thinking based on these accepted determinations. It is a pattern that stands in the way of clearer assessment and reasoning based on underlying truths. The underlying truths are not those arrived at by circular thinking. Your initial advice from Divinity/Christ Michael was correct—you needed to get out of your mind and stop thinking so much. You needed to be opening yourself to your true feelings and natural instincts. You needed to stop rationalization and compromise based on preconceptions and presumptions. This was an endless loop that was compounded each time you engaged in this process.


The problem with James’ assessment was his inability to express these ideas completely in the framework he was working in. The use of symbols, images, pictures—even mythological constructs—is limited to only the parameters he created. He was expressing ideas beyond the traditional with the only means he could use that would be understandable by the general reading public who turned to his materials. The interview was more problematic because he was addressing an audience with different preconceptions than his own accepted limits. He chose to use their metaphors and beliefs as tools to convey his spiritual concepts. They were a workable vehicle, but they were limited only to those who accepted the premises. There were other ways to make the point of the reality beyond third dimensional precepts than through the Annunaki mythology.


There was a clear interference with man’s spiritual understanding at an early time in his history incarnated on Earth. The Sovereign Integrals, as James referred to them, were not initially tricked into coming to Earth. They chose to do so to experience this new set of spiritual parameters that Christ Michael was allowed to explore. This involved a willingness to lower their dimensional vibration to accommodate this range of physical manifestation. This meant losing a connection with the higher frequency of spiritual unity and interaction that was characteristic of their natural state. This choice gave independence but opened the door for a fixation on self. This free will independence also allowed for the possibility of conflicts of power among those with a preference for their own abilities. Once this conflict was set in motion, it was not stopped by those overseeing the developments of Nebadon, and Earth particularly.

Interlopers from outside the galaxy and system stepped into the more naïve and unaware civilization developing on Earth and interfered with the natural evolution that was in progress. For a variety of reasons they used man without restriction. This was for both positive and selfish reasons. Guides involved with the Melchizadeks initiated levels of spiritual awakenings and remembrances. Other groups—particularly the Nefilim and what is known as the Anunnaki—usurped the thinking processes of the unknowing inhabitants and directed it towards a conception of service to them as an accepted form of interaction. This was a widespread indoctrination that allowed the unsuspecting Earth inhabitants to create a mythology of disinformation to explain what had happened to them in terms they were taught to think.


This interference had various waves of dominance, each built on changed cultural structures that grew out of geophysical upheavals Earth used to correct the damage the off-worlders were inflicting. The notions of Gondwanaland and Lemuria as predecessors to what happened in Atlantis that is described by Drunvalo Melchizadek approximates the sequence of earlier historical epochs. It is necessary to understand that there were waves of off-world interferences, not just the one led by the mythological Anu. These had sprung from the aftereffects of the Lucifer rebellion, and were connected with the scenario described in the Urantia book as the reign of Caligastia. The notion of Nibaru and the Watchers grew out of the recollections of those who had survived the disasters that had brought a great flood and caused the sinking of Atlantis. The vibrational awareness that had been heightened by that advanced civilization was suddenly thrown into a psychological and mental amnesia that necessitated another spiritual rebuilding.


Unfortunately, this rebuilding was controlled by the remnants of the off-worlders now labeled generally as the Annunaki and their agents on Earth. The spiritual balancing that other off-worlders had brought to the Atlantis situation had not had the desired effect and they were forced to regroup their efforts to counter the process initiated by the controllers. This flourished underground and in secret until it was able to infiltrate the controlling process and work for change from within. This is still the scenario, and the spiritual focus of man on Earth has essentially been in flux since that time. The decision of Christ Michael to use Earth for his final bestowal was a conscious decision to tip the spiritual evolution in favor of ultimately moving into light. This only set the stage for this awakening to be put in place, but it did determine that it would happen.


This momentum is playing out now. The end has been determined and the final aspects are reaching closure. It is time for Earth to move into a new phase of evolution that brings it closer to the spiritual unity outside the parameters of measured time and space that are necessary parameters of physical manifestation in the third and fourth material dimensions. It is true that the humans inhabiting Earth are unique. They are the only incarnations that match the physical characteristics of this living embodiment. All inhabitants of this universe are constructed with the same DNA elements, but the configurations these building blocks assume are unique and interactive with situations where they manifest.


Man can only envision what he can see with the mental resources he has. God is an embodiment based on what he has been taught, not a formless source of ideas that is closer to the truth. Heaven and the Paradise Isle as described in the Urantia book are only depictions using Earth terms and Earth expectations. Again, like the WingMakers mythology, they take the language tools that best embody the ideas being communicated and use them in an arrangement that conveys the concept beyond the words themselves. Thought is the mechanism for understanding the embodiment the ideas take. The source of the idea is the unity that is the Now.


Man can connect with the Now when he gets beyond his thoughts about it. They are a layer that has been developed as a means to interact with the dimensional environment man has chosen to be in. They objectify the concepts, but they are not the concepts themselves. They are an embodying language that allows them to be physical manifestations. The source is the Now that is beyond man’s conceptions. Man can approach this by moving beyond his automatic processes into a link with the Now that is the true source. The Void, or avoidance of man’s mental filtration, is the source of all and contains the awareness that man has forgotten in his incarnation on Earth.


This is enough, I think,