Siraya Speaks on the Big Picture of What is Happening on Earth

Siraya, I ask for commentary from you this evening. Speak of the larger picture of what is happening here, and give me more insight into our history and contact. I feel time is shifting to a new stream and I ask for more awareness and commitment to what is best alignment with Source and Christ Michael Aton.

Jess, this is Siraya. The spelling is not important. I will speak to you again this evening as a context for what you are currently experiencing.

Much of the Earth is due for change. It is time to move the physical manifestation of this concept to a new form. This change is due to many factors, most of which you would not understand. What is change, you ask?

Change is a process or movement to another configuration of basic elements for the purpose of different experiences and new interactions. This shift comes when no more possibilities of interaction will provide insight or information. This occurs when the context for the interaction becomes different. The solar system and the section of the universe of Nebadon you inhabit are changing to accommodate even larger scaled changes beyond the scope of your Universe.  Source has decided on a new configuration for this system of experience.

This change has been in process for many thousands of years, your time. It is culminating now in a state of visible changes, to your way of perceiving time and reality. You don’t have a concept of the vastness and length of your time this decision involves. Suffice it to say this has been planned for many years. The shape of this change was determined long ago.

The unique aspect of what is going on is the nature of the steps involved in achieving the change. The progression of activities you participate in are distinctive and uniquely yours as incarnates on this planet. Your ability to cooperative and influence these steps was untested when it was instituted as part of your creation as living beings on Earth. The sequence of choices you have made, and the nature of the events that have unfolded as a result of your choices, has been a revelation.

This arena for exploration has provided remarkable examples of intuitive problem solving. Your instinctive awareness, once the spark was re-kindled, has been sufficient connection to establish the necessary linkage with Christ Michael Aton. This alignment has allowed man on Earth to choose directions that approximated the divine truth that formed the inspiration of this creation. This ability is clear proof that new creators can be developed and grown, rather than created outright.  Your time on Earth in this dimension and at this density has demonstrated the viability of an important option.

I will speak now about your present situation. Much of what you see will be transformed into a new configuration of energy that will be in attunement with the larger universal context. The visible reality you assume is fixed will become different. Your expectations of existence will be changed. Your sense of self as physical beings will be modified to accommodate your changed surroundings.  You will find that you have less reliance on your surroundings and more on your internal harmony. Once this internal mechanism is in alignment with Christ Michael Aton’s vision, you will find your surroundings to be a compliment. If your context is not in balance with your internal attunement, it will need to change, not you.  This reversal of perception is an important part of how you will recognize your connection with your surroundings. You will learn to create extensions of your own inner harmony.

I see this time of change as here. The need for explicit schedules and timeframes is only a mechanism man has created to provide a sense of position and control within this dimensional structure. His sense of continuity and sequence demands an imposed outline, and his continued insistence on dates and closure reflects this need. It is difficult for man to release this need for structure.  The end result is already determined, and there will be no deviation from that decision. Earth will ascend and man will ascend with her. Once again I tell you that the process for this to occur is determined by a collaboration between man and his surroundings, which includes his interactions with higher dimensional beings as well as his involvement with a denser physical environment. The network of man’s connections plays a part in determining how smoothly man can negotiate his transition.

Your role in this is as you have surmised. You are providing a commentary on how this can be streamlined. You connect with various guides who provide advice and information for understanding this process. Your own experience and perception gives a framework this commentary can exist within. This allows our ideas to be communicated and grasped as resonant with other people besides you.  This is teaching and advising. You have created a role for yourself as a mentor and a resource that allows others to develop their own system of discernment and understanding.

I have had a long history of connection with you. I spoke to you in those early messages as an undefined source you called Divinity. That was my voice speaking through various other voices at that time. My voice is the voice of Source, just as Christ Michael Aton is the voice of Source, just as you are the voice of Source. We each filter these ideas through our own perception and understanding. Each person you identify has an individual personality that functions as an extension of Source. Source is all. Source speaks through all. The different languages we each provide as individual creations are still all linked with a common origin. Your commentary as Esu is still Source filtered through Christ Michael Aton, through Esu, through you. This unified expression is what man seeks to find. That unity is truth.

Once again I will not give your readers specific occurrences to anticipate. Man creates his history and his future, and they have no reference point beyond man’s own wish for order and organization. This is not to create more misgivings, but to stress that man determines his existence.  The greater his sense of personal alignment with the truth, the more his existence will become an extension of his inner self. The more man is in alignment with his inner self, the more his environment and interaction with others reflects this harmony. In order for man to truly change his existence, he must truly change himself. This creates his universe. Christ Michael Aton created Nebadon by thinking it into existence. His thoughts were in alignment with Source, and he manifested this vision into form as you perceive it. You on Earth do the same thing each time you examine a situation and make a choice. You are creating your own universe. Be always aware of this responsibility.

I am Siraya, voice of Source in Orvonton, and by extension, Nebadon.