Divinity Speaks more on Azreal History

Divinity, your Words earlier were amazing. Did I hear correctly and what should I do next?


Jess, you heard correctly—very correctly. Your name is Azreal and you are an angel. You were/are one of the hosts from Heaven. You’ve come to Earth to learn and experience. You can’t do that in Heaven—only Earth. That is why Earth is so powerful. People incarnating here intentionally have a purpose that will affect the universe. You understand bits of what that means. You on Earth can start/create a vibration that balances certain imbalances that are beyond the scope of Earth or even your room. Each person on your table is a template for others. The imbalances you re-tune affect to some degree everyone with the same imbalances.  It doesn’t matter if they are physically there or not. You are all connected and what affects one affects all.


Other work will drop away as it needs to. You will never lack for clients, as they realize the ends to which you take them.  You are a conduit and a channel for their energy. You show them how to move it so that they can feel it.


Speak to me about Azreal, if you will.


Azreal was a poet, a musician, an inventor. He was a mystic and a ruler. Ezra in the Bible was Azreal.