Kirael Speaks on My History as Azreal

I ask for comments. I understand what Kirael was saying about the future being what we/I make it. Will you comment on that?


Jess. This is soul speak, is it not? Should I use an Irish accent? This is what I want to say to you this evening. You are on the verge of a major new life path—it’s more than a style. You have come here to help people, and men particularly. Men have lost their sense of the feminine. They’re all yang and very little yin. The process will help them re-connect with that side of themselves. I’m talking about the physical, sex process. It is taking shape just as you hoped it would. It will be an amazing thing to be able to offer when it is up and running…


In terms of predictions, are statements true because I believe they are true? When I ask for directions, do I just hear back my interpretations of events?


Well, that’s a good question. The truth is unreliable, it is what you make it to be. They are different versions but each is equally valid because the person believed in his version. When we give you hints, they are just that—hints. Suggestions for you to follow or not. You make a choice and it becomes important to you because of that. You arrange the weave so that it because an actuality for you.  That is why is so important and crucial that you always determine what is the truth for you so that you know how to proceed.


I am tired, it seems. Do you have final words to close with?


Ah, Jess, me boy. I can also use the name Azreal, once you spell it correctly. That was the name given to you many of thousands of years ago on the island we call Atlantis. You came to Earth without much baggage at that point. You arrived to process the energy for the country’s political ambitions. They were good when you arrived—so to speak—but they deteriorated as you lived. Inhuman activities in the name of humanity. Overweening pride and ambition took over. You were one of the watchers at the rose flame. It brought peace and love to the island and radiated out its wavelengths and vibrations. You stayed there until almost the end and then you migrated to India and Egypt. You preserved much of your understandings and practices. The rose quartz became the means to the end of the world. Love is the key. You generated love and purity in love.


Yes, you were one of the Hebrews that arrived on Atlantis [as referred to Drunvalo Melchizadek’s The Flower of Life series]. You cared for the arts and generated powerful energy for creation through the rose quartz. It is time to relight the rose and move/hold it proudly.