Divinity on Re-Tuning the Body Process

Divinity, on this second day of the New Year, I ask you to guide me further. I sense that the information from yesterday will be important. How does it fit in? How do I reconcile it? Is thee a preferred method for me that I can’t see?


Jess. Happy New Year. This will be an amazing and eventful year for you and for the world. You know some of what will happen—at least you have an idea—and let me tell you that this and much more will happen—good and bad, to your way of thinking. But what is good or bad? Hmm…Bad is where I am not. Nothing else. Everything is good if I am there.


Let talk about your Egyptian process. Yes, you were already incorporating much of that into what you were doing. The Tantric concept is similar and good, but it is limited. The Egyptians took the ideas much further. So did the Mayas, but that is not as accessible to you at this point.


I want to understand more clearly about the role of orgasm and ejaculation. It seemed they were confused in the ankh explanation.


Orgasm is the spread of sexual energy. It is the strongest generator man has for chi usage. The prana comes in and man uses it though sexual generation. Be not mistaken. Sex infuses everything. Every idea and concept is based in sex—which is movement, going from one thing to another, joining, becoming. Not changing, merging.


The process needs to use orgasm. Most men don’t know how to control orgasm without ejaculating. A select group is cultivating that technique, but most don’t have a clue. The physical process will inevitably involve ejaculation. The trick is to retain the energy. The Big Draw is a version of the ankh practice. Let them clench just before shooting, if they can. Hold the energy, visualize it going around the circuit and coming back down. The breath matters. This is a version of the Microcosmic Orbit. The same concept.


8 or 13 chakras?


Ah. You have been using 13, have you not? The extra points connect with other chakra areas.


Lets talk about the Tantric Reiki process. Begin with the Reiki circle. Start with the feet and go up and around. Start face down. This circles them with energy from the outside. Then go work on the hands and feet. Spread the legs and then go work on the back and neck. Slide down to the buttocks and circle the energy areas—the coccyx and the asshole. Then go work up the legs on the backside. End at the ass. Work on the other energy areas—the penis, the balls, and the perineum. Counterclockwise. You want them energized. Inside the ass is fine. There are many nerve endings there that need to be activated.  Have them turn over now. Go to the head and work the barriers. Work your way down the chest. Have them hold your hips as you lean over them. Work down to the pubes. Circle back up. Go to the feet. Lift the legs and stroke the undersides. Work up both legs to the balls and groin. Then go work on the stomach. Rub around the base of the cock as you circle the abdomen. Tweak the nipples. Then go begin working directly on the cock and balls. Start with the perineum and the balls. Get them loose and hanging. Then move up to the cock. Clockwise stroke, twisting, pulling in reverse directions. SLOWLY. Time it to the music. Always time it to the music. Have talked about this before you start. As they approach orgasm and ejaculation, tell them to clench and hold their breath—15 seconds or so—imagine the circuit—breath more and then release slowly. Just as Drunvalo described. Let them lie there. Cover them up.


How about chakra balancing with the cock?


That can come there. After the draw. Spreading out the energy and focusing it.  Hold the cock and balance the 13 front chakras. Including the 13th.  End by holding the heart and the cock. Release whatever thoughts you have generated during the session.



We will talk more later. You have to go.