Divinity Discusses Connection between Bodywork and Sex

Divinity, I ask you to speak to me this evening. I have been preoccupied and occupied too much to allow me to let go and come to you formally.  Can you tell me what I need this evening and in the next week or longer?


Jess. Good and happy evening. You have been hard at work and I like the results. Your concept and ideas are taking shape and soon will be ready to launch on the web. …There was no need to have the images you originally chose. They didn’t strengthen the impact of the text and the website.


Will you give me directions to go with the text for the three processes? I have so much I could say, I need to be able to narrow it down into the text I should use.


Let see: The first, the Body, is a process for balancing the two sides of man—the masculine and the feminine. This involves the left and right brain, as you read, and the cultural emphasis for men has led to an imbalance in their personae. They need to re-connect with their feminine side, and sex is the key. In giving in to sexual arousal they are becoming feminine and giving up their need to dominate. Something else is dominating/controlling them.


You job/task is to arouse them to a peak and then spread it out through their body. This gives them the missing layer of feminine yin to go with their customary and traditional yang. This makes them warmer and softer and more rounded—in touch with their ability to love more truly. And love is the reason you are doing the processes in the first place. Man has to find love again. You have to find love again. It won’t work without it.


Relationships depend on this true concept of love. Otherwise they are purely sexual and that is chaos without a firm direction and focus.


Lets see: The second process is the one you know and are familiar with. You are balancing the energy on three levels of energy at once, and the results are felt in the body. At some point. Not immediately, in terms of healing—or self-healing—but in time. You have started the process that the client can continue on his own. It is all choice, anyway. They can decide to follow the plan, or not.  The process structure allows them to begin to release thoughts and fears and attitudes as the music is playing and you and the lights are raising the energy charge by speeding it up. The whole process is a piece that works on the whole person. Physical and mental problems are present in the three lower levels of the aura, or etheric field. You understand how this one works.


The third, or the “aura” process, is tapping into the field of energy that surrounds the Earth. You and everyone else is part of that energy. Everything is energy and all are connected, whether they realize it or not. I/We provide a direction for the energy to flow through you and out to the client/patient. It is just as effective as their being there. Purer in a way, because you are visualizing an abstract person and are not being influenced by the physical body being under your hands. There is more about the energy in Drunvalo’s books. This is every bit as powerful as any other type of body work or massage.


Will you talk about Drunvalo and the Egyptian energy process?


This is the next step for you. That is why I pointed those books out to you. You are at a point where you need to go to the next step. This method is better for you than the Hawaiian method …. It draws more upon your background and interests….


Part of the Egyptian concepts depend on love and knowing love. This implies a relationship to realize aspects of the transformation. Otherwise, one gets stuck at a certain level in their mind. Isn’t this a vital part of the program?


The Egyptian—and the Atlantians before them—recognized the universality of love. Universality in the larger sense of the whole universe. They recognized love for what it is—mingling of particles of energy. Energy comprising one merging and mingling with the energy comprising another. The same but different, and still the same. It’s very simple. The desires and fantasies that play into man’s search for a “love” are merely thoughts and past experiences. Their have no reality beyond a shape provided for the energy. They are only tools, and often bad ones at that. The simple joining of energy is the most powerful experience there is. It is creation. Energy moving to a place where it wasn’t. Creating a unity and merging particles. How can you put a cover or framework on the shape of something that has no shape beyond what you give it? Love is where you find it, and you find it where you seek it. Seeking is not the same a looking. Seeking involves a commitment to look and a determination of what you are looking for. The determination is as broad as you can let yourself seek. What could be more fulfilling than love with anyone.


However, sex is so tied in and connected to a slate of expectations that man is almost never able to break away from his expectations. They are not good or bad, except in the sense of limiting his willingness and ability to inquire more fully. You look for someone and something because you are conditioned to look for it. Move beyond that. Look for love. Trust Me and us to find you the person you should have…