Various Guides Speak on Connection and Offer Advice 06-09-2004

Divinity, what wonderful things are happening. I am anxious for what is to be. Eager for what is to be. Not worried. Anticipating.  Speak to me, I ask this evening.


Jess, beloved one. There are many things to speak to you and many people to say them. Listen carefully and hear what they say.


First, Sananda:


Jess, my beloved boy. We have had many times together. Yes, first in Atlantis, then in France and Jerusalem, and now in little Rock, Arkansas, America. I am with you all the time, every minute. I wish to lead you into what you are supposed to do for the next phase of the Millennium. This will involve massage and bodywork and energy balancing similar to what you did many eons ago. Listen to my voice and we will raise the energy and balance the body and soul. You will have as many as you can do. You will not want for work. Work will spread and you will have a waiting list. This is happening now and it will continue for as long as it needs to.


I am Admiral Sananda, to use your terminology. I am the Christ energy that came to Earth many times to show man the way to raise their inner vibrations to have a glimpse once again of the glory they left behind before they came here to Earth. I have maintained my Christ energy that is connected to Divinity/Creator in all the different guises I have taken. Morrnah was a force for good and change. She created a new method of cleaning interior blocks and memories. I worked through her body to set up this change. The I is within and she succeeded in telling enough people about the change to cause a shift. Energy is a tricky thing; it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to.


And now you are working with me through your perspective of her. There is no change or preference we have. We speak to you as your thoughts. Use whatever visual image you wish, bearing in mind that we/I have no visible image unless we decide to create one. It doesn’t matter. We work with you just the same.


One more this evening. Serapis Bey.


My child. It is good to speak with you. You may think of me as an Egyptian but that is only a fragment of my soul thread and spirit. We chose to become involved with the Egyptian mystery schools to put a cap on the ultra exertion of the untrained soul. Man learned and then surpassed what we were teaching. My caution to you is to honor your teaching. Remember your teaching. Focus your teaching. A great renaissance and product of the arts will come to you when you don’t lose your focus.