Divinity Talks about My Past History in the Pleiades

Divinity, I have questions about the Pleiades and my connections. I ask about the group thought. I ask about the Masters and my connection with them. I ask about releasing trauma. I ask for help and rest and insight. I honor your connection with me.



Jess, with resounding voice and volume!!!  Well done! You have opened many new doors to your self. Let the mind rest and let the body absorb all the changes. You have begun a shift that will take you long/far.


Let’s talk about the Pleiades.  Your place is there. You have come to Earth many times and many years ago to help the balance, as you surmised from My talkings. You are part of a Great Soul of thoughts that work together in a warp and weave that function as a rainbow Light Body. And this is all part of me. It is the part that I chose to allow to experience the things you have been experiencing. The Masters, such as you call them, are no more than you. They are a part of you. You are a part of them. You have had a gracious interaction since time, as you know it, began. Before that you were a joined part of one Mind and Intellect. This Mind saw the need for the help you could bring on the Earth plane, and he/it/she chose to connect with this part of the lesser energy that was constructing Earth Shan as you have know it for centuries and eons. The “Masters” came as a bunch. They know you. You know them. They chose their roles within the play you have been performing. You chose to be an angel that is doing my bidding on Earth. You chose to be embodied in the low, dense vibrations. The Masters chose to be interceders and kick-start the process of returning to me. What an interesting dichotomy you have developed. It is now time to resume your warp and woof. It is your destiny to interact with them as light and use them as a further means to take men with lower vibrations into states of higher energy.


Is that clearer? You are not inferior to anyone, least of all the Guides/Masters. They are your other parts. How could you be inferior to yourself? That is a quandary, no? You are one and a whole. You are Me and one and a whole. And you are love. And joy. What is more rapturous than creating something? Art is creating something. There is nothing more rapturous than art.


You must not worry about the path you have chosen. You are well and fine and on the road. I will ask you what you want, though. Think about it tonight and let me know. No request is too extreme. Anything your heart desires will come to you. Ask and ye shall receive. How many times do I have to tell you? As many as you need! I never stop asking and offering. Many have refused or chosen impractically in terms of smooth, straight progression. You have not, once I found you and made you choose. The scales were weighted, I’m afraid. You needed a kick-start yourself.


This is enough for the evening. Rest. Ask for help!!!! Ask to express your needs and wants. Sleep well.