Sananda and Siraya speak on Reiki Streams and Sexual Healing

I ask for more guidance this evening. I ask for insight from Divinity, Sananda, Kuthumi—whoever is available and most appropriate. I ask about the Sei Reiki and my role in continuing it. I ask about Nesara. I ask about diet. I ask about change.

Jess, this is Sananda. We will talk for a while and then I’ll yield to Lord Siraya. He is speaking for Michael and the Creator.


You find yourself in a place where you have to make a decision on a variety of things. Yes, several decisions are forthcoming. But you have already made them, you realize. The trick is to find out what you decided. It’s not really a trick, it a perception of who you are and what is your truest and deepest purpose.


The questions about the Sei Reiki is, as you suspect, one of your taking the reins for the next direction you go with it. You should offer to strike out on your own to help develop the gay perspective you will need for your work. This can be a useful tool. It can also be a marketable tool. You are not doing the Tantric approach so much as you are doing the Reiki-type energy balancing with a smidgen of Tantric erotic massage and bodywork thrown in. It is a catchy way to attract clients. As you know.


Your work can develop a new stream for the new stream Mar-yah-k has begun developing. You were correct in pinpointing his unease with the direction his group is growing. It has taken on a life of its own and it is growing beyond his capabilities of understanding where it needs to go. He understands it in terms of his own experiences—a religious background with a need to smutty up his upbringing. He doesn’t understand the release and transition power that sexual energy and relationships can have for your work with men. It is a direction only you can explore, I’m afraid. My suggestion is for you to volunteer to work with him, as you sensed earlier. Help him flesh out his approaches.


The tools you can learn and work with will be a good addition to your arsenal of approaches. It will be a good tool for you to use in teaching and connection with other clients and bodyworkers…


I leave you now to finish other tasks. Here is Sananda’s Lord Michael the Christ, otherwise know as Hatonn/Aton [through the voice of Lord Siraya].


Jess. I speak with a loud voice and a clear voice for you this evening. You are worthy of hearing me, as is everyone who comes humbly and wisely, to use your tenet.


We are in the thick of last minute changes. The money is ready to transfer. The political changes are almost ready to transpire. Everyday brings more reasons and excuses to remove the group ruling your country. Make no mistake, they are acting as if they have complete control of their new devised kingdom. They do not! They are floundering in a quicksand of their own making. Maybe their deeds will drown their attempts with realistic notions of success.


I can’t tell you again what the hour, the minute is. It will be soon. I stake my word on that. You must wait until we are ready to spring it like the thief in the night..


I spoke of the sexual variation to you. You understand why you are going that way. You understand how it is a method that must still be connected with me. It doesn’t have to be exclusively heterosexual. The point is to balance masculine/feminine energies in everyman. This must be done to foster an understanding of my love and my bliss. Pleasure is an indication of my bliss, but it is a sin and a block if it becomes an end unto itself. Anything can be an indication of me, because all is an indication of me. Read the WingMakers pages and absorb your memories of the past ideas you once held. You would not have formulated similar ideas on your own if you had not already known them deep inside you…


This is enough for the evening, I think. Rest well, and we will continue this conversation tomorrow and in the future. Namaste.