Siraya Speaks on the WingMakers

Divinity, I need to ask some questions. I feel a strong connection with what I’m reading on the WingMakers website. I seem to have already through of these concepts, although their writing is more detailed.  I ask for clarity on how I fit in. And I ask for clarification on the timeline they give. It seems to me time has speeded up. Is the coming of Sananda and Michael and the masters what the CR calls the opening of the Grand Portal? Are we ahead of schedule, or will the time continue as they predict?  Also I ask how best to move into this awakening. I see it as a next step with my bodywork. Level 2?

Yes, I will answer questions. This is Lord Siraya speaking in my role of art and emotions and your guide and instructor. There is a slate of information you seek. LOL You know many of your answers already before I begin answering questions. Let’s begin, however.


The Wingmakers are a mythological construct that is designed to serve the people of Earth-Shan in the routine of raising the elevation of the vibrations so that psychological triggers can be switched/flipped to enable the flood of new information that is necessary to raise man’s understanding of the events that will and must occur. They are part of the elemental group formed to form. They created the concept that would provide the concept at all the other humanlike situations.  They saw how to link the idea of form for a personality with the elemental ingredients necessary to achieve the Creator’s blueprint. They provided the tools to create the universe on the physical level. They have done this forever and have vast experience in structuring this inevitable evolution.


They create the possibility of a virtual paradise on Earth with perfect specimens of life from the Universe itself. The Earth is the repository of all the beauty and variation in the Universe.


To get now to your questions. The WM are a special breed that function in its own unstoppable way. They made the universe tools and had guarded them wisely for thousands of years. The have had innumerable situations of the same shift and change on many others planets and systems. They knew precisely what would happen in the normal course of events they have devised at the beginning and are now coming back to check on the history of what they planned.


Your role in all of this was to provide a way for man to connect with these higher vibrations he needed though objects and experiences of art. You came here to Earth approximately 13,000 years ago to institute a way for men to forget themselves and rise about their worries and confusion situations.  To allow them to taste the next level and determine that image in their mind as a lodestone for further growth.


You have been here since then and you are tired of all that. You finally see a way you can take your ideas and sell or distribute them to another forum and group of people.  You know how sexual interests can be incorporated with the most mundane situations in order for the boy to be honest and true to his own instincts.


What you can do now is to study and learn how to restate this material and these ideas. Follow the direction it takes you. Set aside time for this to happen to you. It will succeed in opening up portals within you own mind that will gladly be able to receive.


The time has become skewed from what he WM’s have announced as the game plan for Earth to become involved with the Grand Portal. The time they provided is now bogus and non-linear.  The ideas of the Grand Portal are necessarily confused with the Second coming of Christ and Jesus Sananda, his administrator and Prince of the World, once it is fixed enough to prevent a sane man embarrassment. ?


The Grand Portal is obviously a metaphorical construct in the progression of where the Sunday crowd used to go. More and more they are losing their traditional faith in favor of channels hopping in the wings to take a new article and run with it. They often shoot themselves in the foot too and close their listening ability to hear one or none.


To be specific, time has speeded up. The hours and minutes go faster. This will bring the 2012 date much closer even through we already have the plans made tentatively. The Grand Portal will still be found in that time, but the First Contact will have taken place, in a way you will need to explain to us. The hosts and the masters are coming sooner than expected. They have to cultivate the image of a thriving community within itself and make the arts enclave cotton to them.


We can’t tell you when things are happening. They have a cusp of a change to fight back. The USA bull play on the field of their own conversation The last vestiges of a sorry man had been shattered by advisors telling him to replace it and then salvage everything his own stupidity had told him to grasp. It will happen before the end of the week is over. I know you will wait patiently, but it is beyond our complete grasp. It is not possible to pull all the stings and maintain the concept of free will.


Wait and see, saying as the Lord Siraya. Ask for assistance and we will send it. Ask for forgiveness and the problem is taken care all.


Good night for everyone on the Spaceship Capricorn and the new Phoenix.