Sananda Speaks for Divinity on the Purpose of My Bodywork

I ask for more words this evening, please. I felt there was further guidance coming through and I lost the connection last night. I ask for help understanding my heart and my inner insight. I realize it seems I am asking for instruction rather than seeing my own understanding, but I feel at present I need to have more clarity along with pushes to continue assessing myself. I am thrilled to continue to link with a bit more of myself.

Jess, this is Divinity speaking through Sananda again this evening. We are connected, as you are to us. This is a unified linkage of souls and purposes that tie us together.


I was beginning to speak about the usefulness and the direction your bodywork will take on in the days and months to come. The change is almost here and you will be able to free up your time constraints and fiscal concerns to allow you more time to pursue your creative work and play. You will find that your energy work takes on more and more importance. The bodywork will phase out, as I told you earlier, at one point. The need for sexual clarification and balance will assume a new role once the First and Second contacts are made. The moral perspective will undergo a sweeping change and the roles of the sexes will change, as well. The bodywork work will take on less importance a role.


The WingMakers music will become a useful too for the bodywork at some point further down the line. The clients aren’t ready for that yet, but they will be at some point. They will seek to knowingly connect sexual urges and erotic energy into more spiritual concerns.  They will see the connection and ask for help reaching it. The sexual work you have been doing up to this point will take on a different role, one less erotic and more revealing about the body’s physical/etheric energy systems. …


You want to know about the change events, don’t you? We still are planning an announcement shortly. Hopefully, this week. It is not a black or white situation we find ourselves in. The decision to go ahead has been made at the highest level of decision-making, but the necessity of doing this is tied up with man, whose 3rd dimensional choices cloud up the directive.


Let’s go tonight and sleep on these things. Divinity is saying the same words to you through me in my dual role this evening. Rest well. Your friend Sananda Immanuel.