Divinity Speaks on My Bodywork Process and Future Azreal Website

Divinity, I ask for more guidance, if you are the voice I need to hear. I ask for more directions on the webpage. I ask for more insight into my next steps. I ask for more strength to do what I should rightfully do by myself and my purpose. I ask for security. I ask for clarity on the events happening. I ask for more explanation if more will help me.

Jess, this is Divinity as you requested. We have had many conversations about your future and your direction. Now is the time for another to give you more clarification and direction in the way you can best go. Your choice is always predominant, but hopefully you will see the clearer choices we can help you see.


Let’s talk about the process. This is going to take on a new guise in terms of the whole animus you are working with. The steps will remain the same, within the guise of your predicted bodywork, but the tools will take on a new meaning and the parts of the process will elaborate and touch on new elements. This I referred to in the “heart” messages. You will find ways to touch the client’s hearts more deeply. You will find a way to create picture and images for them in terms of their emotional blocks and rigidities. This will allow you to deepen the level of your service through bodywork. You will become a trained and observant bodyworker with credentials in healing and resolving clients’ emotional blockages.


The website should talk about this aspect, as well as about the steps of the process, the variations you offer in terms of body approach, and the means you have to cause a shift in the client’s emotional/mental thinking. You should collect your journalings in packages of information. We discussed this before. The themes can deal with health, wonders involved in research into science, relationships and how to find and keep them. You story as an angel from Azreal in the Pleiades. [Azreal is your name. It comes from your incarnation as a full-bodied man on the surface of the planet Meiope. Many were named Azreal, but only a few followed its tenets of terms of finding a process where men could raise their vibrations themselves, without any chemical or psychological subjugation.]


What about the look, you ask. Let it filter down to you. It is not ready to take shape yet. Use azrealspealks.com as the website domain. Begin organizing and writing. Find ways to provide access to these papers, but only through stringent attendance. The readers must want to read the writings. They must have a desire to clean and find a joyful piece of opportunity.


Let the title take shape from the content and from the look.


That’s all for the evening. That is enough to begin.


Namaste, my dear one.