Sananda Looks Me to be One of His Voices

Sananda, I ask for more direction this evening. I realize at this point that I need to be more focused in my work with and for you. I also see the importance of preparing my abilities for more. I admit that this was not an accident and I ask for commitment to stay with the program, so to speak. I ask for specifics tonight on what I will be going into in your view. I ask for the insight to see my role in my purpose in this. I ask for information on time and place. I ask for a scenario and the direction my path should take. Thank you for sustenance and support.


Jess, I’ll speak quickly but clearly this evening. You need more rest, but you are recovering some strength.


Your role in the recovery of Earth’s attributes is coming sooner than you might realize. You expect soon, but it will be within days when we are able to begin the work I have outlined for myself initially. I will look to you to be a voice much like Helen and Helena has been for their different audiences. I will help you find the medium and we will begin the messages through you. This will be a job you will enjoy and one that will make you talked about globally. Yes, it will. You will be speaking to the news. You will be published locally and globally. You will be one of the major voices I/we will employ.


I will be able to speak if I want, but my time is better spent working on the immediately pressing religious problems and militarism that will continue to break out. My time will be segmented into my various aspects, and I will want to speak directly to you when I need to make certain pronouncements.  You ask if there are others, and why you? There are others that will continue to make comments through their mediumship of me. I will speak to whoever asks. However, only certain voices will have the mediumship to use in a more general way for pronouncements.


That will be your role initially. I see you working through Candace at first, but you will soon establish your own identity and your own website that will be a source of specific pronouncements I wish to make. You will be transcribing some new Journals dedicated to my new comments. This will be only part of what you are doing, but it will be the most recognizable action in the short while.


We will take care of you and prepare you for this mission. We will strengthen your hearing and we will enable you to have the privacy and the time/strength to sustain your energy in this…


You also will begin to pull your website together. This is the Azreal website, not the reiki one. That is coming along, and you will be able to finish it shortly…


Let’s see what the rest of this week brings. The change elements are in place. The go ahead is CM’s decision. He is waiting for the perfect time in the midst of the whole Universe of changes he has set in motion. This will be coming soon. I can’t get much more specific than that, because I don’t now.


Ok. Goodnight, Jess


Sananda Esu