Christ Michael Aton Names Me As Oracle for Him and Esu Sananda

Christ Michael Aton, I ask for your comments this evening if you will speak. I realize events are moving in a progression and I anticipate actions soon. I feel your comments would be helpful, and I know they would be welcomed by me and others who read my posts. Attacks and disinformation are still hampering the resolution we seek, and I ask you to speak to that, along with what you will say we can look forward to.

Yes, Jess I am here. This is an evening of disagreement and disillusionment. Much that has been established in laying the groundwork for building the structure that will become the mission arm of Abundant Hope has been damaged. I know that some readers will suspect you are making these words up to suit your own purpose. So be it. These are my words and I am speaking to this issue and to others that are damaging my work and that of the few people who have committed themselves to a full implementation of my plans.


My plan is what has been outlined here through Candace and her writings over these years, and also through what you have heard me say to you. You have provided a running commentary on ideas and issues that have cropped up, and I am grateful to you for your clear explanations and careful assessments. This is an example of the type of analysis and discernment that will be necessary in the days to come. This is not to say that others are not discerning and involved. Just to say that you have provided an excellent example for them to match.


I will say that you are an oracle for me and for Esu Sananda, and we value your ability to hear clearly and truthfully. For this reason we have come to rely on you for your balanced pronouncements and personal messages that others find resonant. You have always sought to be clean in your thoughts and you have also sought to be unbiased and open to whatever you have heard us say to you. This will be difficult for you to post, I understand, but it is time, as your friend said, to become visible as our voice. This will have more ramifications later as we enter the period of changes that are coming, and your role will be clearly identified and observed.


Others will say that we are not speaking through you. That you are speaking from your own ego and your own imagination. No. This is a clear line of transmission from me, the Christ Michael of Nebadon, and my pronouncements and decisions are determining when it is time to say enough. I have waited until the very last minute to say “Begin”—and I am still shaping my final decisions—but the impetus has started and the events are now unstoppable. The visible effects of my decisions will be seen shortly. This will take the shape of a transformation of your world and a removal of the most egregious resistance to my will and my Universal law. This is no longer a debate or a contest. This is a change that is underway.


I will not give you definite details yet, because some elements are precarious and some participants are ever in danger until the change is in place. There will still be a stasis of the sort described earlier as the “Big Sleep,” and it will allow us to remove certain lower frequency embodiments that are impeding the move to the next level of raised energy that in time will lead to Ascension. This removal will be clearly seen and understood after the stasis is over. You will retain your memories and you will see clearly why these elements have been removed. You will also hear the reasons, and you will see the actions that led up to this removal. This will not be erased. This will be remembered as you all begin the work you have to do to prepare Earth for the physical changes that will be happening later this year.


This removal will also bring you together as a unified community that is willing to work in cooperation to solve the myriad problems that face you. Your existence has been so damaged and controlled that you only have a fleeting glimpse of the potential and true nature it can have. The clear presentation of your history and the explanations of the changes that will be coming will provide the core of a new belief system that will be based on Universal Law. This will be no longer the province of religious factions or warring denominations. It will be one belief system that is based on the truth of my creation and the embodiments that demonstrate my ideas.


I will speak to you again soon and you will have your changes, all you who read this. They will be what you desire and more than you have earned by your preparations. This is my beloved jewel of a planet in my Universe of Nebadon. I will not turn my back on it and I will do whatever is necessary to restore its beauty and uniqueness.


These are true words from me this evening of May 23, 2007, and I want you to post them for all to read.


Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon