Sananda Speaks More on Role as Voice

Sananda, I ask for comments from you this evening. I ask for specifics if you will give them to me. I ask for hints at the timetable. I ask for insight into what I will be doing. I work at pieces of the direction, but I ask for more strength and focus. I ask for your guidance.

Yes, Jess, I can speak with you this evening. This is a fine time to express concern and ask for strength and guidance. We are on the cusp of a new endeavor together, you and I. Yes, this will be a new time in your life, as well as a new time for the world. The timetable is changed and foreshortened. We have decided to move ahead with the brakes off. The stakes are higher now, and we wish to move into the next phase of what we have planned. No more time for delays or misleading affirmations that don’t pan out as predicted.


The time is again CM’s and he will determine when this will take place. He is a master coordinator beyond anything you really can imagine at this time in your mortal life. You understand this from your higher self and your vague remembering of your past lives in other places. We have had a long history, you realize. We have worked together on the Pleiades to plan the moves that would factor into our involvement on Earth. You had your own agenda and I had mine. They intersected at times, and I have valued your contributions to the mix. You have a history of healing and balance that you are uniquely able to bring about. This overlaps in much that you are involved with now, even so…


Let’s speak now of the work you will do for me and for Candace. This will involve public speaking for me and for the AH group. The message structure will continue, as well, through your updates and your periodic comments, but you will also begin using that skill to speak for me in public. I will undergird your ability in this area, of course, and we will help you polish your presentation. LOL I expect this to begin in about a month or a month and a half. We must wait to see the timeframe CM determines. I will contact you initially through Candace, and we will determine how best to activate this arrangement.


This will involve you traveling some with us and being able to speak to a variety of situations. This will happen after the Second Coming activities that are planned at this time. The tremendous change in thinking that will occur with the arrival of the revered past masters will predispose the public to listen to you more carefully and more willingly. This will set the stage for you to assume a position of legitimate authority as a speaker for me.


You ask again why I chose you for this role. Let me tell you that you and I have had a tremendously long acquaintance, on Earth and elsewhere. You know me intimately. You and I have exchanged our energy on numerous occasions and you can speak for me as clearly as anyone on Earth at this time. You don’t think this is so. I can see your doubts. LOL This is the truth, and I will strengthen your purpose and your ability. We will continue to work on your hearing and your stamina. You already can sustain longer sessions than before with less fatigue. This will allow you to continue contact with me for long and longer periods of time. Where will I be, you ask, and how will I materialize?


I am still in 4th and 5th dimensional spirit form. I can materialize to an extent for the people on Earth to see, but I still don’t have the physical body that I will need to truly walk the Earth again. This will require Earth to move higher to allow me to assume a semblance of the necessary vibrational level that will allow a physical manifestation. I may be visible as an aura, but my speaking will still be telepathic. That is why I will need you to translate for me. I will allow you to accustom yourself and your thinking to this new wrinkle in your life plan. This will be a new venture for you, it is true, but we decided you would be the best to function in this capacity…


It is now time that you begin to shift your focus even more away from the work environs. You need to prepare yourself for the announcement and be ready to move when we call. This will be soon.


I think that is enough for this evening.


Goodbye, Jess.