Esu Speaks on Ascension and Man’s Responsibility

Esu, I ask for words this morning. Speak of ascension and what that means. Speak of the timetable that is probable. Speak of what we should expect in the next few months. How are galactic forces working with man? How is man awakening to his higher self, and how long is a logical projection? I ask for as many specifics as you feel appropriate to give.

Let’s speak of the things you asked about. Let’s speak of ascension first, and what that means. Ascension is a process that involves raising Earth to a higher level of interaction with the dimensions of energy your planet is directly connected to. Man’s ascension is tied to Earth’s at this point. By that I mean his commitment to his own personal evolution, in spiritual capacity, is linked with his current embodiment as a human on Earth. His DNA is constructed and sequenced to synchronize with his environment. As his surroundings change their frequencies, so too must his DNA in order for him to continue to be connected. This act of entrainment is endemic to man’s nature as a lower dimensional manifestation.

The process you are undergoing now is preliminary to a larger shift that will take place when stasis is entered and Earth is reconditioned to assimilate higher levels of cosmic energy. Man’s DNA will become fully functional, and the “wasted” DNA you now carry in your system will be operational. This expanded resource will guide you into new realms of physical capability and creativity. The body will become stronger and healthier within its physical package, and its mental capacities will be increased ten-fold. This will be a result of more efficient physical systems that are controlled by the awakened DNA structure.

The time frame for ascension is a loaded question. What does the word mean? Mere evolution of the physical body into an improved physical state with spiritual interconnections that begin to guide decision-making is only a transition stage you 3rd and 4th dimensional incarnations must experience as physical beings. This is not ascension in the grand scheme of working your way through the dimensional systems you have chosen to explore in your quest to define your unique purpose. Ascension is achieving higher and higher levels of spiritual oneness with the Creator Father and First Source. This unity of being is called ascension because each soul becomes more refined and “moves” into a numerically higher frequency of the father’s love.

You ask the practical question of when is this happening. The answer is unique for each soul. Each soul must determine its own sequence of evolving and ascending through its incarnations and spiritual manifestations. Earth’s sequence involves a period of cleaning and throwing off the toxic impairments that have been acquired over the eons through man’s blindness. Since man is linked to Earth, this involves man also throwing off his toxic limitations. This action is coordinated by man’s conscious decision to change. Such a significant pursuit is too important to be left entirely to man’s limited capacity to understand the ramifications of his actions. He must be guided and assisted in this process. Otherwise, it might not happen. This has been the situation on other worlds that do not have the blessing of Christ Michael Aton’s bestowal and continued partiality.

This almost was the case before enough of Earth’s inhabitants asked directly for assistance and understanding. Christ Michael concluded that Earth was worth saving with its inhabitants intact. This unique decision has led to the continued changes in game plan that have been the cause of much dissatisfaction and disillusionment. An untried scenario requires experimentation to determine what the best course of action will be before it begins. This untested scenario also involves finding a way to make Earth a viable environment for man’s continued spiritual evolution. The unimaginable depth of darkness caused by the rejection of Christ Michael Aton’s Universal precepts has forced an unprecedented approach to removing this toxicity.

This removal has also required man’s involvement in the process. Man’s conscious and unconscious decisions have led to the near-destruction of Earth’s capacities to sustain herself as an entity. His manifested ideas have created the state he finds himself living in. His ideas must create the resolution and reversal that will allow him to continue to evolve and ascend with Earth. Each man is fully responsible for his ideas, and he makes choices to implement them. The environment that surrounds him is a manifestation of his spiritual consciousness.

Other entities can influence his decisions, or encourage a particular one over another, but each man is completely responsible for making his own choices. His choices are best when they seek to be most perfectly in alignment with the Universal ideas of Christ Michael Aton. This final option is not a matter of choice because all comes ultimately from the nature of Christ Michael Aton. To be in alignment meant finding unity with him. The spiritual exploration of Earth was to examine being separate from Christ Michael. Those who have chosen this route were placed here to find out the implications and results. This experiment has come to an end in Christ Michael Aton’s vision of the workings of his Universe. He has chosen to move to a new level of exploration with Earth and its inhabitants as they continue the progress back to unity with his spiritual nature.

In order to re-establish a concept of community acknowledging this awakened sense of purpose within Christ Michael Aton’s Universe, each individual must recognize the need for choosing actions that reflect this single purpose. The concept of living in a community is based on consensus and agreement in individual decisions. The Ho’oponopono method of joint decision-making is an example of individual alignment later determining group decisions based on agreed consensus. The crucial factor is conscious individual alignment with Universal ideas before determining the agreed group decision. When this happens first, agreement is clear.

I will speak briefly of the timeline of events you face. Jupiter has begun its new role of bringing energy and light to your solar system. This is hidden at the moment, but it will become obvious. Earth will experience the aftereffects of this changeover. Earth will react with geophysical manifestations that can wreck havoc on a large scale. Much of Earth’s structure is misaligned, and the force of new and powerful energy coming first from the sun and ultimately from Jupiter will cause restructuring and unleashing of blocked energy circuits. This will manifest as earthquakes, wind, electrical disruptions, and magnetic shifts.

Man will experience this briefly before he is put into a stasis period for intensive repair. His systems will, in effect, pause to allow an overhaul of his physical system. As this happens, his spiritual self will become reconnected with aspects of his true nature. As this evolution takes place he will be progressing—ascending, if you will. Ascending for man is not one event, but an infinitely long process of returning to his full connection with his creator.

Many will reject this description as incompatible with their own notion of how their individual soul will evolve and ascend. That is their choice based on their own understanding of their purpose and individual exploration. Some aspects of this scenario will touch all, however. Some recognition of this sequence happening in all will grow into an awareness of universal purpose and interconnection. This awareness will lead to a belief in man’s place in this Universe created by Christ Michael Aton. This will not be overnight. But it will happen because Christ Michael Aton has determined it will, and according to the sequence he chooses.

This is Esu Immanuel Kumara.