Azreal Speaks on Incarnation Process as Extension of Soul

Azreal, let’s speak briefly. Explain further about our connection and how you have been guiding me. Suggest where we can go with this. I want to be open to best use of this.

Yes, Jess, I am here. I’m always with you when you ask. I am you, after all. This arrangement, as you term it, is not that unusual. We on this level of spiritual presence often watch over the portion of ourselves that we have selected to enter into an incarnation. The incarnation on Earth, particularly, is for a specific reason that allows the entity to examine parts of himself he could not otherwise.The dimensional context is at a decidedly lower frequency, so an incarnation in that energy level is determined consciously. The parameters of the existence on Earth demand that only a limited portion of memory and awareness be available within the sphere of existence. The energy level will not support much beyond basic consciousness and intuitive understanding.

This limitation necessitates that the soul that is linked to the Earthly incarnation in these situations oversee the growth and development of the individual. The choices the person makes on Earth will affect how extensively the soul is able to grow within its own purpose and identity. A refusal to open up more to spiritual insight and a broader interpretation of the limited rules of behaviors taught on earth will hamper the fullest exploration of the soul’s purpose. We/I am constantly guiding your decisions, although you color them still by your memories and mental observations. I hope to get to a more ongoing dialogue with you on all topics. Just ask my opinion and I will speak from my broader perspective. I will not make the choices for you, but I certainly can provide information you may not recognize.

What does this mean? you are asking. It means that I am working with you continually. I surround you and influence your perceptions and mental analysis. I am helping you steer your way through the distractions, as you put it. We have spoken of your ability and your contribution to this process. I make no judgments on the focus you have. You need to explore various sexual avenues, for instance, that will be useful as an experiential point of reference when and if you develop your healing methods further. This method you have unraveled is valuable on its own, and you have the insight into how it operates.

I am going to leave you now with this brief commentary. I will speak to you tomorrow and we can continue this.



Just a brief update on where we are. You have been working at night, which is the reason you wake up feeling tired and unrested. You don’t understand this completely. The part of me that is you is shut down from its conscious activity while you sleep, in the sense that you are making direct observations and analyzing information to interact with others. Your mind is still operating, of course, and your spirit essence is free to reconnect more with me so that it can shift into a higher dimensional frequency. This frequency can move more freely without the restraints of your physical body. The dream state you remember is at times the activities you are pursuing. On other occasions, the sequence of events is a construct you use to assemble simultaneous events into a 3D progression.  Your conscious mind needs a more linear interpretation to assimilate the activities into understandable information.

I am speaking of this now because you need to understand more about the mechanism of how the soul operates on Earth. We are all streams of energy that take shapes for specific purposes. You don’t have an awareness of the fluidity that is going on constantly. Perhaps the images of the hologram are the clearest explanation we can connect with presently. The energy stream is focused in such a way to take the form of an image with the appearance of materiality as you define it. It has shape and dimension to your eyes. You know consciously that it is only an image, but you are willing to suspend this perception to believe that it is real as you define reality.

Life on Earth is a well developed hologram where the shapes energy assumes are given the parameters you use to define existence. Third dimension appears to have height, depth, volume. You measure this hologram with your accepted definitions and pronounce that it is real. In reality, it is a collection of energy that appears that way. You accept it to provide a language you can use to experience this dimension.

Quite honestly the existence you have here is only your perception of this existence. You have willingly chosen this limited consciousness to experience this limitedness. This limitedness is impossible to envision without experiencing it literally. You all have come here to examine yourself within these limitations.

Each person’s limitations are different, although each involves interacting with other entities and experiencing group behaviors. Part of the checklist, as it were, is exploring these types of relationships. The stream of energy that makes up you needs these interactions to define itself as a distinctive individual personality. You have no concept of the breadth and range of the personhood you are exploring.

2-22-10 evening

Each person is created unique. That notion is beyond your comprehension, as well, considering the immensity of creation and the vastness of the grand universe. You do see some glimmer of what this is, however. You see that individuals are designed as they are to provide a particular way that person’s purpose can be examined. Life and the form of creation is an extension of the Creator’s desire to experience his ideas. The idea creates desire to realize it. It is realized because the Creator loves his ideas. Creation is a product of love.

What is love you ask? Love is connection. Love is energy interacting with energy. Love is formed from the idea of being a part of something else. Love is the idea that unifies everything into the vision of the Creator. All is him and he is a part of all.

Love as you define it on Earth is restricted and ill-conceived. You assume it to be an expression of sexual reactions. This is not so. Love is connection. Love is understanding. Love is non-judgmental. Love is accepting. Love is forgiving. Love is unconditional. Love does not change no matter what the circumstances.

Man must find the true definition of love that has created the universe he inhabits. Behaviors are merely expressions of ideas carried into physical movement. Actions don’t determine the idea. Love determines the idea. The realization of connection is an idea that forms from the connection.

This is enough for this evening. Think on these things. Let others think on these comments.