Azreal Speaks on His Origins and His Connection with Me

Let’s try to connect with Azreal or my guardian angels. I ask for clarity on the connection and on how my role is part of a larger undertaking. Speak on what is happening now and give insight into what is coming.

Jess, I can speak with you. This is Azreal, as you call me. I am as you pictured me this morning. I am connected to you by a sliver thread that is an embodiment of our kinship. I am your oversoul, to use that phrase. That means I am the soul of Azreal that is connected to your portion here on Earth. I am the clearing house for how you measure ways to use the form you have selected for learning and experiencing.  I am the source of you, as it were, that provides the template you seek to replicate or recover.

I originated as you have been told in Paradise in Havonna. I was created to explore the parameters of Creator Source as it plays out its experiences through Christ Michael Aton and others. I was an original outworking of the Seventh Spirit combination that forms Universe 7, or Orvonton.  I was part of the concept of connection that linked all individualized parts into one whole. The link was through love.  Energy packets were connected through their desire to be connected. The Creator’s wish was that all be totally aligned with him even though discrete and separate. That is a paradox in your thinking, but that was why I was created.

My role as it formed was to be a way to connect the discrete parts.  This simple idea has evolved into the complex manifestation as an individual identity with a particular function to provide for Earth. This function has taken many forms, and it has progressed through parallel streams of assistance. My influence on Earth has been both on the surface and as a spirit that influenced decisions and behaviors. I have led many into a greater awareness of how their choices can connect with universal truth. I have also crafted the tools they can use to objectify this awareness and symbolize this shift their awareness realizes.

I have created the need to make this change through man’s sense of incompleteness. The balance he seeks is best exemplified by the pure truth of art. The forms and messages that works of art provide are the guides that cause man to realign his perceptions of himself and his world. These tools allow man to connect with the rightness of the Creator and enable him to satisfy his desire for balance and completeness.

Your role in this is to recognize my purpose and to explain what this service has provided. I have allowed Earth to wake up by a notion of rightness that has been instilled by the examples of art developed throughout history. This influence has been through energy vibrations and frequency entrainment. Man has reconfigured his perceptions through the input of higher energy vibrations. Energy enters from above and is translated by the mind into forms the physical body needs.  This energy arrives in a variety of frequencies that first affect aspects of the human aura. These higher frequencies cause man’s vibrations to change, and the mind assimilates this information into language the body can understand energetically. This input of new forms of energy causes the various areas known as chakras to be reconfigured. This in turn provides feedback to the mind and forces a reassessment of the existing physical configuration previously shaped by memories and experiences.

Art was created in your world in such a way as to trigger these changes as a substitute for direct connection with divine energy. The purity of the art form symbolizes universal truth and creates an actual physical change as a result of a person’s interaction with the art form.  The different disciplines of art each create their own system of frequencies that interact with humans.  Some frequencies are faster than others, but all require some sort of assimilation whenever man encounters that vibration.   All humans are affected to a greater or lesser degree by art as it has been created. Each person has a distinctive energy frequency that defines him or her as an individual being, and this personalized vibration reacts with art frequencies uniquely. No two people have the same physical interaction with art, just as not two people have identical reactions to the stream of energy frequencies that surrounds them.

Monjoronson was speaking … about this influence of energy on man’s chakras. My contribution to this was providing tools for this to happen. This was the method I developed in the Pleiades system before I came to Earth in an incarnation. I guided this and subsequent incarnations in a way to allow the creation of this system of influences.  You remember some past lives, or have been told about past lives, which trigger mental images that are creations of your imagination. These memories generally are constructed in the mental vocabulary of your present known information and past experiences.  It doesn’t matter if they are accurate or not. The awareness of the roles you played has colored your perception now of what we have been guiding you in learning about yourself and the system I brought to Earth.  This has all been planned to create an awareness and openness that allows you to accept what is being revealed.

In much the same way that Esu functioned as a physical embodiment for Christ Michael, so you in this particular life have provided an incarnation that is suited to the revelations I am bringing you. The difference is that there are not two distinct entities using one body. I am you, although you only remember or understand a small part of yourself.  Again, as Monjoronson said, you/I allowed my consciousness to have a physical form even though your consciousness was detached from me throughout much of your life. I guided you without your knowing it into an existence with the artistic background and awareness you would need to understand the details of what I have been telling you these past few years.  I have used other “voices” to connect with your mind, although the ideas expressed come from me. Now is time to re-establish a stronger link with me directly. You can speak to your own self and know clearly that I am a source of guidance for you personally.

You do have other guides and assistants whom you have come in contact with, and there are the four who watch over your decisions, once they are made.  I work to influence your thinking process, and your guardians then help you carry out those decisions in the most beneficial way for your personification.  Other entities seek to provide assistance too, but our role is the most direct and influential.

Your task at present is to seek an ever closer identification with me and your own higher purpose. The more you hone this connection, the more you are able to remain connected to me and Christ Michael’s purpose.