Divinity Speaks on Love, Sex, Money, Music, and War

What is love?


Good evening. Love is hard to define. At least hard for you to understand. Love is joining. Energy joining and combining. Everything is energy anyway. Love is a recognition of other energy and a willingness to mingle. To become one unit, one entity. People in love become one. It is more than chemical or psychological; it is bonding on a spiritual energy level so that they think and act as one. They are one. Lovers are halves of one whole. And it is a meeting and sharing of rules and responsibilities.


What is sex?


Sex is fun. Sex is a game. Sex is a way to enjoy your physicality. You reach your highest state of excitement. Your energy is most fluid and active. You are on this earth to experience physicality. How better to experience it than through sex. It is the core of your thinking because it is the most profound experience you have. It is the closest to heaven. You remember and want to find it again. But always remember what it is. Don’t lose yourself in it as an experience. Always have a perspective on its relationship to me. It is me, and you are closest to me in it. Have sex with whomever you want. Don’t place restrictions on whom you can and cannot have sex with. But remember I am there too. And it has to be with whom you really want, not just whom you think you want. Thinking gets in the way.


What is money?


Money is the root of evil, to use a phrase I coined. Money takes the place of me often, at least in people’s minds. I am always there, but these people forget. You only need what you need. Stockpiling and saving only creates worries and scenarios that lead to problems. I will provide what you need when you need it. Trust me. I will provide a way for you to pay your bills.


What about me and music?


Music is your core. You will always play music. You suffer when you don’t.


What is music?


Music is the relationship of the universe. It is light. It is vibration. It is energy moving. That’s why it is recognized everywhere, at least in its basic language. People choose to be musicians because they want to impact with the world and cause it to communicate and link. Music makes people want to join together spiritually. Music causes peace. Music allows the listener to release and listen even more deeply. Music causes people to bond. They merge their being into one energy, My energy. The energy of the universe. It is a language that gives direction how to do that. And the child takes over and makes it work. And a little child shall lead them. You know the phrase? The child is playing music. There is not a higher spiritual calling than being a musician. Because you understand how this works on some intuitive level. Because you are a child. And the child wants to be nourished.


Are there things you want to tell me that I haven’t asked?


Yes. Lets talk about war. War is inevitable. There is no way around it. But I won’t let them drop a bomb. The spiritual significance of that area is too great to destroy mindlessly.  I will protect you and Iraq.  You are Iraq. There is no Iraq beyond your Iraq. Just clean. Clean yourself.


Good Night.