Divinity Talks about Nudity and Sex

Did I really hear you say do the [bodywork] session naked? If you will, talk to me about nudity and sex.


I said do the session nude for a reason. You need to feel what it’s like. You need to de-mystify the sexual part of it. It’s not about sex, although the body can be naked. You have to not be aroused. That’s distracting. It’s tied up with thoughts about sexuality on your part. It’s not good or bad, just distracting. It keeps you from being in alignment with me.


Speak more about nudity, if you will.


Nudity is me. I am nudity. That is what you didn’t expect to hear isn’t it. Nudity is not something to be ashamed of. Adam and Eve, the story goes, were naked. Nudity does not mean sex per se. It means connectedness with the universe. Clothes are like a block. They are like thoughts. They are a barrier. You think that’s funny? I am serious. Clothes are a perception anyway. You should wear clothes as little as possible.


Are you saying I should be basically a nudist?


No. That is a lifestyle that involves a protocol and a commitment. You don’t need a lifestyle. You have one already. You just need to open up to yourself. Nudity will help you do that. You keep asking if what I’m saying is correct. Don’t you trust my comments?


Yes. No holes barred then. If you will, talk about me and sex.


Ah… a thorny topic. You have great desires and you are afraid to act on them. Why is that?


Am I afraid of expressing my sexuality?


Yes. You are afraid you will be punished. By your parent, by you, by the other person. You have done nothing wrong. You will not be punished. It is not wrong to be attracted to other men…


What is this constriction on my heart?


It is fear. Don’t be afraid.


Why am I afraid?


You are not afraid. I am there…


Talk to me about sex with other people, if you will.


Sex is communion/connection. Sex is finding yourself in another person/being. You merge. The mechanics are not important per se. The closeness and intimacy are… Don’t worry about … appearance—yours or theirs—and look for you in them. Those things are flags to get your attention, but what’s inside is more important. Look for that.


I’ve asked this before. Will I find this person soon?


I’ll keep putting you off. You have to know what you want before you can find it… Look for what you want. Ask yourself if any of those things matter, and if not, then what are you looking for? Are you looking for understanding? Are you looking for honesty? Are you looking for security? Are you looking for stability? Are you looking for looks—whatever that is? Remember, the flags are what draw you to someone. They are your templates. But they don’t make up the person. Go. Do the day.