Divinity Explains the Difference between the Sex Act and Sexual Energy

Divinity, I am curious about what I heard this morning. I have been acting upon it, but did I hear you correctly?


Sex is becoming a major item for you. You have ignored it so long that is it time to overwhelm yourself in it.


You are hearing me correctly. The act of sex and sexual energy are two different things, although they draw upon the same resources. You are preparing for an entrée into the means of generating sexual energy. Sexual energy is the fuel that drives human behavior. You must have a feel for it that goes beyond your basic ideas of self-love.  That is very one-sided—as charming and exciting as it may be.


Talk about your directions…


Yes. You are right to surmise that I want you to have a constant reminder of me. I am your cock. Sexual energy is me. Connecting with that in whatever way is a link with me. But sexual energy can be chaotic. Clear, spiritual sexual energy is focused on me. Sexual energy becomes a link with me and the universe. When you are at that point physiologically, you are touching on the spiritual essence you are.  It is clear to you, and you know it more surely there than in any other form.


What do I need to do next?


…Be reminded of me. Be aware of your sexual energy. Let it grow. Let it accumulate and spill over. Don’t ejaculate until I tell you. It will be a trial for you. Think on these things and consider the depths you will need to go. I am your master. This will teach you many things. It will not harm you, but will educate you. Let your currents flow. Let you ideas cease and stop.  Let the mind rest. You are moving with the flow flowing through your cock. Let this go for a while. I will tell you when to change or stop.


Continue masturbating and meditating. If you cum, cum. Then start again. This is not a contest or a punishment. This is an education. This is a way of learning how deeply you can connect with me. This is a way of turning yourself away from the world’s ideas. Be nude whenever you can. This is a way of stripping ideas away from your psyche too…

More instructions? Shaving? Other tools or implements?


No. Shaving is not a priority. The slickness is useful. Other tools as they present themselves.


This seems rather dictatorial and rigid. Is this a means to reach another level of freedom?


I am not laying down rules. I am indicating a pathway that will lead you to a higher level of awareness. It is your choice, of course, whether you wish to go this way or not. But it will give you more insight and a greater awareness of what other men are feeling and what they need to remove.


Let me keep to the path that will take me to great closeness with you. This will be a constant reminder of you and a suggestion to experience the closeness.


Good. You will find yourself traveling to a new place. It is time you experienced it.