Divinity Speaks More on How to Work with Sexual Energy

Divinity, I feel I need guidance. I sense I am cutting loose and starting in a new direction. What will I need to do to stay stable.


Jess. A good day for staying in bed and wanting to ejaculate. The energy built up some and will be the start of a new sensory awareness for you.


This is unexpected to feel coming from you. Am I so tunnel vision as not to imagine you can speak to me this way?


YES! I can speak to you about anything and everything. Don’t be mistaken that I can’t and won’t.  I am speaking to you through you, and my phrases and vocabulary are yours. I speak in your language. And I speak about the preoccupations you have. I answer the questions you have in terms you can understand based on your experiences. Don’t you think my comments sound fun and intriguing? I know what you want and what you need to open yourself up.  The more you open up, the more you are connected to me. The men all through history who have had a focus on sexual energy to the exclusion of other ways of honoring/worshiping me have lived lives closer to the truth than anyone else.


Is there a method that is purer? The Tantric ideas? The Taoist?

All methods are a product of their time. To follow them now is missing part of the point of what they conveyed when they were developed. You have to make an adjustment now. Of the ones you alluded to, the Tantric is the purest. You see that based on what you have read. Should you become a Tantric? No. Just adapt Tantric ideas to the process and the lifestyle you will develop. You are a sexual being. Worship me with your cock. Honor my essence with your essence.


Will you tell me where this may lead me?

In general terms, you will be a vehicle for sexual growth and integration. Your life will become an example of a balanced existence organized around sexual energy and regeneration. Does this surprise you? You touched upon this every time you played a recital or created a work of painting or literature.  It is all of one piece. Do not be deluded or alarmed. The sexual energy is the fuel that drives all other creation. If man is not at peace and in touch with his sexual identity or possibilities, then he is blocked from further growth as a spiritual being. Prepare to begin removing these blocks. Rather, setting up the situation where I can remove blocks that the clients offer up to me as a result of your guidance and direction. …




No more. Go to rest. Get ready for tomorrow.