Divinity Speaks on the Proper Role of Sex in Relationships

Divinity, Lord, I am eager for you to talk to me. I ask your Words this evening.


Jess…Peace and calm are around your shoulders. You have a generous nature and a peacefully cheerful heart. Spread joy throughout your land. Welcome everyone here into my/our communion. This is the true bread and wine. Make a separateness for those who wish to partake.


Many are the tasks that lie before you. Much will need to be done. Rest in the security that I am with you and will help you lest you stumble. It begins now. Now is the time. Now is now. I have protected you all your life, even though you haven’t known it completely. You’ve had inklings of a charmed existence, but you haven’t had the perspective and the perception until now. Take nothing for granted. Don’t pooh-pooh anything. Everything is a piece of the grand construct you have fabricated from your imaginings and your reactions.  This has served you in good stead as preparation for now.


Now is the time to work. The world is changing for the better, ultimately, although it will look as if chaos reigns supreme. Be not alarmed and swayed by the rhetoric and the mistruths. See it for the façade and balderdash it is.


Let’s talk about you and sex again. There is more to tell you. You must take care you don’t forget the ideas and concepts I am giving you. Man is through with his one-sided duality. He must embrace his fullness as a man/woman. Each part of the duality has a role to play in his/her complete make up. Each gives and takes to define the completeness that is man/woman. The energy is in a constant flow. Man (and woman) must learn to let this duality flourish. Part of what you are doing is triggering this to begin working.  The more you do the more you will be able to trigger.


New paragraph. Let’s talk about sex and relationships. Sex, as I’ve told you, is the key to relationships, despite what anyone/everyone says. The chemical attraction is the reason relationships are there. And sex is the catalyst for starting the merging process that is a relationship. It is impossible to have a relationship without sex—physical sex.


Yours is coming soon. … The sex will be extraordinary for both of you. It will take place here soon. How wonderful! I am there with you and enjoying the intimacy and connection.