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Christ Michael Says “Curtain Up!”

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I’m going to leave the table open to whoever wants to speak. I feel the need to convey something, but I don’t have specific issues or questions. I just sense there is something to talk about.

Jess, this is Christ Michael, as you call me. I have some things that it will be good for you to say beyond what you normally comment on. We are entering a time for you on Earth of impending change and drastic upheavals. The events you have anticipated are here. The defense Earth has provided has been transformed into a new game plan with her own restoration and revitalization the paramount issues. Change is occurring. You see some traces physically, but more choices are being made on man’s mental and spiritual levels.

Let me point out, first of all, that all of creation in this universe is my idea, and that I am experiencing my manifestation on Earth in the conflict that still is being pursued.  I am, in a sense, at war with myself. I want a resolution, and am taking steps to end this dispute.  I am by nature balanced and unified. My willingness to explore duality and free will has resulted in a long history of imbalance and division. The lessons in this state of being have been taught over and over, and no more possibilities exist in terms of alternate interpretations or resolutions.

I have experienced a wealth of new pursuits that have allowed me to learn options that have never been envisioned before. I understand much more about how this level of existence operates and have seen firsthand the problems that develop. I am involved in all, and I have a full awareness of everything that man has tried and experienced.  I am in man as he makes his decisions, and unfortunately, am disregarded too much of the time. My voice is ignored. It often is not even listened for. Man lives his life– and that is what I wished—but not at the level of disconnection he has grown to assume is normal.

The decision has been made to transform this level of confusion and struggle into one of focus and cooperation.  This edict has come from the Creator Source, as you call him. The time for this experiment is over. I have been allowed to examine the paradigms in my Universe until I have taken in all there is to know that is unique and creative. The Earth is part of a much larger cosmological mechanism that is moving to a new formation and purpose. The miraculous thing is man has been given the opportunity to witness much of this reformation.  This participation is new and unexamined within the universal dimension where you find yourself at present, and man has been blessed with the opportunity to be part of this.

We have spoken of responsibilities. Man has come to Earth to learn and experience. Your choice was to participate in a difficult existence that involved searching for your purpose without much clue where it was or even what it was. Man has been manipulated and misled because of his ignorance and naiveté. Others have taken control and used most of the inhabitants as objects to provide the things the controllers’ personal wishes desired. Man has been blind to his situation and only a glimmer of my essence was causing a sense of judgment and discernment. Not enough to cause an awakening.

We provided tools and guides to trigger some sense of dissatisfaction with current circumstances. Examples and demonstrations showed alternatives; guides and teachers indicated more productive methods to use for achieving more satisfying outcomes.

Man’s responsibility on Earth was to take what was available and use it to find the truth of his existence. He was charged with examining his life and finding a way to return it to its spiritual origins. Some did this; most did not.

I have now called an end to this experiment in this laboratory. Man has chosen his position at his basic level. He may still not be conscious of his choice, but he is being presented with an increasingly visible spectacle of treachery and gratification that he has cooperated with previously. His enlightenment is soon to be complete. Those who have intuited a problem will find it easier to realize the alternative direction they should head. Some others, who have ignored their misgivings, will find their future is a continuation of this attempt to have them realize the errors of their blindness.

Earth’s choice has been to wake up and ask for renewal and spiritual ascendancy. Much upheaval will have to happen to Earth’s current configuration to allow her changes to being in earnest.  This will cause chaos and geographic instability. The continental plates must move and realign themselves. The atmosphere surrounding Earth must be transformed. These changes must take place before Earth can move into a higher frequency of balance and freedom.

Let’s talk about your role in this. We have spoken of this service on many occasions. You came to Earth to help adjust the imbalance that had developed with those from off world influencing the conceptions of those who had chosen to experience life on Earth during the time you call the Atlantis epoch. Man was developing a sense of reasoning and an ability to evaluate the circumstances he was experiencing. This was necessary for him to learn as he became further detached from a direct link with spiritual truth.  His existence was becoming familiar and automatic; comfort and blind acceptance were taking away a need to hone his ability to discern.  This is much the same situation as now, unfortunately.

You came to show them a way to use their circumstances to reconnect with their forgotten inner understanding.  Situations became tools for examining their own personal preconceptions and reactions.  You created a system which used the best of their creations as templates for excellence. The products that have become known as art provided the most perfect creations. Their structure and the messages they communicated guided man to a higher level of spiritual insight. Art became the best guide to inner awareness and clarity.

Certain men were inspired to express this inner awareness in works that, in turn, influenced others.  Artists realized ways they could use external media to exemplify their own personal insight. Each was different and unique because they saw how to use their individual insights to manifest creations to express their individual realizations. Each person’s personal agenda was distinctive, just as were the creations that exemplified their unique perspectives.

Each creation found the energetic  vibrational pattern it needed to manifest. Let me explain that process more clearly. Man may perceive that he is a solid physical object, but this is a misconception. All creation is energy and light that moves at an infinite number of speeds from one point to another. A thought is a focus of particular energy streams that move in a specified direction. When this wave or burst of energy interacts with another energy focus, it synchronizes with the other and is understood through the nature of the interaction. The objectified thought acquires a resulting shape only to the extent the originator and the receiver can assimilate the interaction.  The effect of this reaction with intersected energy is understood by the thought originator only to the extent the observation can be measured by previous experiences.  The originator of the thought can only look on, as it were, and categorize it from his personal perspective. The nature of the assimilation can be measured by the receiver only through its similarity to his range of previous experiences. Because of the uniqueness of individual memories and experiences, the originator and the receiver will each perceive the created thought differently. The truest communication has the fewest differences in understanding.

Man is a focus of energy that moves at different speeds. The different frequencies are attracted to other energies that move at similar speeds.  I have told you that my physical body at the present is more correctly understood as a shell surrounded by my true essence. I enter the shell and cause it to function in human ways.  Your physical body on Earth functions in a similar way.  Your true self is a focus of energy that vibrates at different speeds.  The surrounding energy that defines your personal identity is fastest moving and interactive. It connects you with your universe by forming an identity that is discrete but linked. The layer interacts with other energies. The information it collects is then assimilated into your energy focus. The information coming in arrives vibrating at different speeds, depending on the source of the original energy.  Your energy field then synchronizes with the data to take it in. Different types of information cause reactions with different layers of your energy field—some slower than others. These levels of layers communicate with different segments of what makes up your awareness and understanding.

You have been told there are seven layers of your aura. In a general way this is a good description of the sorts of interactions that are happening to you and defining who you are. Each layer is a slower vibrational level with its own range of vibrational input. The physical body you perceive as a solid is still moving energy, but at a speed that man’s perceptions identify as physicality. This physical state is your own shell that gives a form to your energy body in this dimension and at this density. It was designed to function in this way. Your actual energy self is linked to this shell and provides the information that the body uses to function here.  The layer of energy surrounding your physical shell contains information about the makeup of the body you have chosen, including the nature of your organs and other physical systems.  This energy level is most directly in contact with your body shell and conveys the information it receives to the brain to be passed on to the internal mechanism.

The layer surrounding that synchronizes with the energy that shapes feelings and emotions. Emotional conflicts register most keenly at this level. These wavelengths mostly closely match those of music and sound. The layer above that connects with individual thinking and discernment, and is separate from emotional reactions. This level connects with the frequencies involved with perceiving color and light. The faster vibrating energy above the mental layer links with the spiritual purpose of the individual and his cosmic memories. The layer above that links the person with his personal identity and spiritual uniqueness. The highest level is multi-dimensional and connects with the soul’s purpose.

All these energy levels make up an individual and develop at different ages of maturity; however, many have their spiritual growth blunted and never rise any higher than the lowest levels of emotional reactions or mental analysis. These humans never realize their spiritual nature or their connection with the universe they are part of.

The task you took on in coming here was to find a way man could raise himself to the highest levels of his spiritual identity. You guided the development of art as a metaphor for spiritual awareness knowing that man would synchronize with these vibrational patterns and assimilate the spiritual truth it represented. Works of art became patterns for growth and rethinking, representing the closest approximations of spiritual truth. Visual art and music and the descriptive corollaries with words and languages established patterns for balanced interaction and harmonious existence. As tarnished as these examples may have become, they still provide man’s most reliable guide to his personal spiritual nature. Man relies on art to refresh his civilization and stimulate its growth.

In a true sense, man has become his art—for better or worse. It reflects his preoccupations and answers back to his attempts to ignore the spiritual truth at its core. Each person has a vibrational pattern that is distinct, and all information that he comes in contact with is assimilated with varying degrees of success.  If the vibrational frequency is too dissimilar to his, it won’t register or cause his personal vibrations to synchronize to a different frequency. This is why certain music styles or certain colors are not as appealing. Their outside vibrational frequency won’t easily match up with a person’s distinctive human vibrational pattern.  On the other hand, if a person is out of balance and missing some aspect of his vibrational identity, then introducing these frequencies in music or color can cause the listener or observer to assimilate this balancing component.

Once these balancing vibrations are assimilated, the receiver incorporates this new artistic energy pattern into the ideas that it creates and sends out.  The spiritual truth of art has reshaped the person’s spiritual perspective and influenced the way he interacts with his environment.  His creations now begin to exemplify the art that has reshaped him, and he has a new awareness of the way he should be in harmony with his fellow man.

The role of the light workers, as you call yourself, will be to preserve these spiritual truths and continue to teach others. Some will do this through art and the ideas that have been embodied. Others will embody the creative nature tapped into by artists in the past and use it to generate new ideals and metaphors for spiritual ascension. All will not be battle and chaos. The bulk of what we do—and the best—will be to guide man to finding his own spiritual nature in its truest and fullest sense. The time is now for this to begin. The stage is ready for a new performance, and the players have their roles in hand.

Curtain up!

Christ Michael Aton