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Christ Michael Says the Announcement is soon

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Christ Michael, I would like a brief update and specific clues about what to expect. I ask for more strength and awareness, and clarity to see what I can best do.  Help me break through the resistance and find greater conviction.

Jess, I can speak to you now. Once you have cleared away the debris, we can speak more clearly and cleanly. Much is happening. You know the immense scenario that is being undertaken. This is a new adventure, and we are learning as we are acting. There are no past examples to draw upon really, for much of what is happening here, so we are careful to examine everything in minute detail before we move ahead with an action that will inevitably have major impact on your frame of existence.

The schedule at this point is this: we plan to have some announcements about those that are controlling the streams of influence that determine what governments and countries choose to follow. Their decisions are not reasoned or discerning. They follow others’ dictates for fear of losing their position—which is a very real possibility and they know it—or because they are not aware sufficiently to see the flaws in the game plan they are told to take.  There is a group of elite overseers who determine what all the political policy is and plan what economic directions the financial sector takes. This is not a free market, not is it purely based on success and failure. The group manipulates levels of economy and government decisions to create a global existence that is controlled by them. They have been trained to believe that no other alternative is workable, and they pull the strings to cause nations to do their wishes.

The announcement will be soon. We want the political system in America to collapse around Obama’s attempts at pre-emptive legislation. Obama is, of course, not the one making the decisions or calling the shots. He is essentially a mindless puppet that is used in various environmental situations to paint a picture of stability and control. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this doesn’t stop Obama’s group from pursuing continued development even though they are using  their power without an sense of perspective or bigger picture.

The instability in Europe will trigger several things that will cause the American economic to appear as the sham it is. Germany is trying to manipulate events in other countries to take away the public’s attention on what is actually happening there. Any news scoop will dominate the airways and prevent any sort of genuine discussion about political actions that are not in the mainstream media and effectivly continue the destruction of the American founding father’s Bill of Rights.

This is sufficient for tonight. Revisit us sooner this time.