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Esu Speaks on Evacuation and Stasis

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Esu, what’s up? Now we’re back to complete evacuation? It seems we come full circle with many options. So, what is the process? Do we wait for ships to walk into the light? Beaming up? Is the stasis still happening for inhabitants? This message from Papa Source seems a fall back of sorts. I assume nothing we had assumed we would do will happen now. It will all be changed to accommodate the new Earth.  Speak to my concerns and lack of understanding.

Jess, I can speak to your concerns. This is a new development that was not planned. The longer we delayed, the worse the situation got, rather than becoming better. It has reached a point that the Creator Source, as you prefer to call him, has over-ruled any other option and said let the WAVE take care of things.  Of course, I’m speaking of this in terms of your linear time sequence.  The WAVE was always coming, but there were various ways Earth could have dealt with it. This latest is now the most practical.

I understand your concerns and your fears of losing what you had worked to preserve. This will require a re-thinking, quite honestly. We don’t know the extent of upheaval that will occur. Nothing is “written” beyond the solution of the WAVE. The substantial increase in energy frequency will trigger the kinds of changes you have been expecting, but now on a much more heightened level. The molecular structure of Earth in its current dimensional state will be shifted into one more crystalline and symmetrical. This will match the different polarity and energy configuration Earth will move into. Man who continues to inhabit this planet will have to change to fit its new energy frequency. The physical actualization of this higher vibration will be different and less prone to variation.

To repeat, we don’t know the extent of the upheaval the energy will cause on the planet, given its ever worsening condition.  If the awakening of the population had begun as we hoped, on numerous different occasions previously, man could have raised his own frequency in a positive way and been able to withstand more of the influx of energy coming with the WAVE.  Unfortunately, man as a whole has gotten more entrenched and desperate. This fear and resistance has had calamitous results. Gaia had difficulty reaching a point where she could find the strength to let go, even though it was destroying her. The childbirth, as you and others described it, was very difficult and protracted.

The notion of a stasis is still the preferred option. It is easier to deal with such a large group of people if they are not consciously involved in the process. It is easier to evacuate masses if they are not consciously making the choices to step into the beam of light into the ships. The idea of pulling a veil on the Earth during the majority of people’s sleeping hours is preferable. This has been done before, and we are used to that scenario.

This is contingent on how fast the geophysical circumstances deteriorate. If something begins to happen that is beyond the scope of our technology or our policy, then man will have to evacuate immediately. We don’t expect this to happen globally. There may be problem areas, but we expect that existence will remain relatively normal until the stasis period begins.

I know you read about the Inner City populations leaving. This was another last minute decision. Despite their higher frequency of embodiment, they still depend on being connected to the existing surface environment. If that is damaged or toxic for an extended period of time, they must relocate to survive.

They find themselves in much the same emotional concern as you, but they understand the necessity of relocating. The crises such an announcement would cause on the surface will be best left capped. The preferred way of relocating Earth’s population is through sleep.

In your case, we still plan to bring you up as we have described in the past. You will go to sleep and wake up on ship. In your case, you will wake up. You have work to do, and it will require your being acclimated to the new environment. This will be easy, all things considered. The story in the T journal is close enough for now. There will be everything you currently have available on board ship. It is possible to duplicate the files you now have on your computer. Don’t be concerned with losing data or information. Don’t be concerned with losing things you hold dear now. Much will be preserved even in the deadly circumstances that will be forthcoming. Don’t be upset or worried.

Not all will be dealt with this way. You are part of a special corps that will be accommodated differently. We have always told you this. Don’t worry! What you can best do is continue as you are. Be aware that things are collapsing and watch out for your circumstances. You don’t need to prepare for long sieges or loss of basic values. This will happen in a very short time frame and people won’t even know it is beginning, for the most part.

I think this is sufficient for tonight. We can continue this tomorrow.


Brief Update by Esu

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Esu, do you have things to talk about this evening? My issues are more of the same, I’m afraid. I would be happy to have you speak.

Jess, I am here. It has been busier than you can imagine. I am many things to many people all around the Earth. My role is shaped by people’s preconceptions and my attempts to move them away from a limited focus. I am leading many of the initiatives that are in process now. This is a battle on many fronts beyond actual warfare. I am working directly with Christ Michael Aton, and my role is to implement much of what he is envisioning and approving.

The time has come for all things to come to a halt. This is necessary for several reasons:

 1) we can’t make the necessary changes any other way at this point.  We need to start over on many things and man is not able to follow through on what has to be changed. The financial world is starting to topple; you can see the shakiness of the investment structure and guess at the magnitude of the shortages that render the fiat money worthless. This is global. The house of fiscal cards is collapsing and the first steps have been taken.

2) political facades are beginning to show how false they are. The candidates are running a rigged race and are mouthing the positions they are paid to say. They all have groups shaping their comments.  All make false promises that will be modified by corporate or financial interests. Ron Paul is speaking on many of the issues with clarity and clearer thinking, but even he is pulled by other groups and factors. No one is completely innocent.

3) preparation can only provide a minimum of protection. There are many possibilities looming and it will be a stopgap, at best, if man has to resort to these supplies. I will tell you that there is no guarantee we won’t go directly into stasis, as was indicated at one time. The different options remain possible, but events and situations may become so out of control that man will have no gradual transition period…

That’s enough tonight.