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Siraya Discusses Earth’s Inevitable Change

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011


Siraya, I feel you have comments you want to make. I ask you to use my written voice to speak to our situation as you see it at this time.

Jess, I can speak to you now. My voice is your voice this evening. We are watching the developments on Earth and are excited to see the nearness of the completion of this phase of its evolution. This has been a period of great confusion, and many have learned lessons to avoid in the future. A smaller number has awakened to their inner connection with the spiritual universe that surrounds them. They each are part of your Creator Michael’s vision for how his universe grows and deals with its problems. Each has a role, and each must accept his or her place in the tapestry showing the growth and exponential learning of the human collective.

I say we observe because we are overseers for the development of each universe within our superuniverse of Orvonton. Each universe has its own purpose, and the working out of each set of issues inherent in its design is described by the way it develops and addresses its core problems. Urantia, as Earth is called in our records, has had its share of trickery and persuasion not to accept its place in Christ Michael’s creation. Lucifer, as you know, turned many against the plans of Christ Michael Aton, and Urantia was quarantined for the re-education of many of those siding with Lucifer.

The time of Lucifer is over, as you know. He chose uncreation, and his followers are now without a leader. They continue to act as if they have a purpose, but their cause is lost. The negativity this rejection of Christ Michael has caused is immeasurable. The effect of this reversal is evident today on your planet. The truth of spiritual unity and compassion has been subverted to a pursuit of individual power at the expense of the rights of anyone in the way. Man’s understanding of his role in the created universe has been hidden from him intentionally, and his self perception has been blunted to provide little insight into his spiritual nature. He has been trained not to think or feel anything but what has been proscribed for him by those who have obtained power. This reverse education has made the majority of Earth’s inhabitants politically malleable and intellectually undiscerning.

This agenda has allowed the few who have wrested control to use the majority of Earth’s population for their personal interests. Their actions began in opposition to Christ Michael’s intent and have continued their momentum to today. The global nature of this disruption has eaten away at the spiritual reality of Earth’s creation. Man’s attention today is focused more on his surroundings and his perception of position than it is on his spiritual nature and an existence beyond the details of this incarnation. He has lost his awareness that he is an eternal part of the universe that has been created for this stage of his experience.

Earth’s state of being was foreseen as a possibility but not projected as the likely direction Christ Michael’s creation would take. The showplace he created as Earth has become tarnished and almost unrecognizable.  Man reflects his surroundings because, unfortunately, he has forgotten his connection to Christ Michael.

The transformation that has been determined for Urantia will restore its original character and nature.  Man will be awake to his surroundings and the purpose of his existence on this planet. He will understand the role he has to play. He will see how it interacts with everyone else who is working to actualize this change.

Man will become a vessel of light and energy. His purpose will be clear and enlightening for the direction he goes as a physical being. His actions will be decided with responsibility and an awareness of his function as part of the spiritual whole.

This state of spiritual enlightenment is not achieved immediately, even as Christ Michael is shaping the parameters of what may be most open to this new agenda.  Man is removing himself from the shackles of his overlords, but his ingrained habits are difficult to erase overnight. The transformation that has begun will be in phases and is dependent upon man’s willingness to embrace his purpose. 

The scenario Christ Michael has devised will accomplish his intentions with less disaster than was projected, although his realization that man needs a shock to his mental system to acknowledge a paradigm shift in cultural norms seems to be persuading him that man should experience some of the results of his uncaring treatment of Earth by losing many of what are considered his basic needs. The necessity for him to evaluate and compromise in his interactions with others will trigger the start of a new way of viewing his place as a part of Urantia’s mission.

You ask for details and projections. I cannot give you those. You situation on Earth is uniquely yours, and your reality will be what you make it to be. Spiritual truth means existing within the parameters of your chosen lifestyle and reconciling those with the intentions and choices of your creator. Christ Michael Aton designed and constructed his universe of Nebadon to explore aspects of an incarnation with a triune spirit. Your existence on Urantia has examined only certain aspects of what is a much grander concept. These have been focused on the limits of duality and lack of spiritual awareness that has shaped your recorded history.  

This exploration has run its course, and it is time now for those desiring to continue with the evolution of Urantia to prepare for its next phase of existence. The physical form of Urantia will adapt to new waves of energy and a higher frequency of awareness. All things connected with the planet will change to accommodate this evolution. Man, as part of this physical embodiment will also adapt and assume new forms in keeping with the new levels of energy and information.

I wish I could tell you specific political and economic developments, but like the energy in your universe, they are in flux and no outcome is fixed beyond the reality of your planet changing. The need for restructuring, however, will force existing assumptions to evolve. Those that cannot or will not change will not be able to continue existing. 

Watch the results of what is happening. The reportage and the commentaries are misleading, if not downright misinforming.  These untruths instruct you to accept the conclusions they present without any individual research or examination. Accepting interpretations without determining your own opinions is foolhardy.

To survive this inevitable change, man must prepare physically and emotionally. He must be ready to move if necessary. He must be sufficiently rested to maintain any degree of stamina. He must participate willingly and with an idea of obtaining new insights. This new perception will begin to define man’s changing involvement with his circumstances and those he interacts with. The changed Urantia will be reflected in the changes in man’s behavior and attitudes.  This entire one unified whole will ascend together.

I speak to you as representative of the Creator Source in Orvonton. We are pleased with what is happening on your creator’s favored planet.


Esu Speaks Briefly on Sex and Past Life Possibilities

Monday, October 17th, 2011


Esu, round two?

Jess, hello! Round two? LOL Not so much a round two as a continuation. This is just a conversation. We don’t have a lot to analyze at this point. You have a sense of what is appropriate and what is wrong-headed. This is always being worked on, but you have a grasp of the distinctions. There is not much to criticize in how you conduct yourself. There are some areas you can make improvements, certainly, but your commitment is there, even if weaker than it needs to be.

There is no point in talking about past lives or relationships at this time. You can see the effect this has on your decisions now. You can understand how past decisions cause behaviors now. You also see how past choices are being resolved now. This is a time for completion of aspects of yourself. You are ready to move on to a new phase and you need as little past baggage as possible. All those aspects of yourself in former lives have led to the composite you are now. This is your opportunity to utilize this composite for greater ends. You have set the elements in place and now it is time to draw upon them to help your intentions.

Sex is not really a topic of prime importance to you. You use reactions as a release, but it does not dominate your thinking. You have moments when you want to cut yourself off, but this merges into a more tranquil, meditative state that is not at odds with the physical struggle. Don’t worry about it. The focus is shifting anyway, and you see how your approach will be useful.  Your presumptions about relationships and behaviors are only cultural habits and have little to do with the purpose of sex or its most effective uses.  You know this; this was part of what your Reiki is dealing with. It will be time to go back to that soon. You will have the freedom to be able to examine the third parameters of couple relationships…

With that, I’m leaving.,


Esu Speaks Briefly on Possible Events

Sunday, October 16th, 2011


Esu, I haven’t forgotten. Speak of what I should be aware of. Tell me how to focus more. Comment on my life and its fit or not with what is best to do. My perspective is often not yours. Speak of developments and forthcoming inevitabilities, as they manifest.

Jess, I haven’t forgotten either. J We’ve both been very busy and focused on activities that are complimentary with our purpose at the moment. Mine are more complex than yours, but not better or more laudable. You bring clarity to others with your words and with your examples. You create a sense of good will and cooperation. Your example of willingness to help is a clear positive influence.

I don’t know what is looming beyond what has the potential to occur. Several activities are possible. Hierro is one; the banking collapse is another; the stock market failure; Japan and the Pacific Rim are fraught with potential for disaster. We are waiting to see which set of dominoes goes first so that we can adjust our game plan to accommodate the sequence of events…

I don’t know when things will materialize. So many potential scenarios, and so many pending events that could happen. I’m going to sign off for tomorrow.


Christ Michael Aton Speaks on my “Mission”

Thursday, October 13th, 2011


CM, I ask for insight and analysis. I see my work and life concerns as leading up to a broader grasp of issues later. I see my mission as described taking on new characteristics that incorporate events of the last few years. I see music as a part; I see finding my body again as a part; I see the counseling and advice I give as a part; I see my interests and relaxation as a part. Speak if you will on potentials and particular directions to pursue. Speak how best I can honor myself and interact with others.

Jess, it is time to talk again. We catch moments in our busy schedules that allow our reflection. I can say that because it is a time for you to pause and examine what is happening and what will come to be, if all goes as expected.

I say that because it is time for things to take shape and begin moving. The financial situation is truly falling apart now. Money has no value anywhere and the manipulations on computer or on paper are meaningless in terms of actually financial leverage. They are only a show for continuing the motions. They have no basis in truth and are soon to stop. This will have a dire effect on the global economy, of course. Once the money is recognized as worthless, then all the charades of business are revealed as fictitious and superfluous.

You always say “blah, blah…” I’ll believe it when I actually see it. I know you are a cynic at heart for many things promised. You have no use for wishful thinking without a dash of harsh reality as you see it. Reality is only as people create it, on Earth. The spiritual reality is another situation altogether. The truth of spiritual unity and single purpose is the core fact that most ignore. All know, but most have forgotten and not reawakened to the purpose they came here with.

You ask about your “mission,” to use Candace’s term. You see your purpose clearly as bringing together all the various threads you have explored in your life. It all has meaning and all will be a component of what you can offer. Your outline of spiritual healing through art is masterful and incorporates what you have explored. You understand about music, you understand about visual art, you understand about the physics undergirding the process. You see how it can affect men because you have explored those avenues yourself. You sought insight into a range of experiences, and now you can turn the previous intentions into new directions. You are able to link to others and help them see their own actions with a new perspective. These presuppositions are what you will start. This is the beginning for your mission after your work with us is stabilized.

We plan to use you as a voice. We do intend to have you be part of our initial staff to help introduce the teaching that must be done. You will be a neutral voice who can express our ideas without much bias or coloring. This you will be training to do during stasis. The teaching that will begin after the so-called mini stasis will be directed mainly from the ships and from a handful of workers on the ground. Your part in this will be to make the ground more fertile in your area. You will need to speak to others and explain exactly what they are experiencing. This is more a transitional role than anything else. You won’t stay in your area for long. But the situation has to start changing before it is advisable for you to relocate. You should have some preparation for difficult conditions, but we don’t expect things to be too difficult where you are.

The areas you have mentioned as working in are all valuable arenas for experience. In that sense you are expanding your role and strengthening your resources. The ideas you mentioned are valid. Music is returning for you and you should take the steps to begin organ practice again. The composing will be more prominent later, but this step with Mary is also excellent. You need to demonstrate your focus and style.

I agree that work is good training. It is meaningless in the long run, but the goodwill you produce is excellent too. This is broadening the circle of contacts and influence your ideas have. Even your ideas about grant sustainability and collaboration are examples of the sort of cooperation that will be stressed. This is a good working experience that can be drawn upon later…

I would, in your case, not bother with the prayers. That seems a rash statement. However, what are prayers but self cleaning and putting yourself to work to create the reality of your ideas. You are not praying for me to fix things according to your wishes; you are asking me to help you fix things in you and find the wisdom and compassion to begin to interact with others to help teach by your example. Your teaching your discoveries is my working through you to help heal others. I won’t interrupt their incarnation agenda, except to offer alternatives they may choose to accept or not. Your persuasion helps them make better choices. That truly is your prayer for them. That is a responsibility each person has.

With that, I am closing tonight. We will speak more this weekend. Esu is anxious to speak again too. You should not be so lax in coming to us.


Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Being Ready

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011


CM, what is happening now? I ask for comments and assurance. Help me see greater insight and clarity.

Jess, let’s speak briefly, again. Your evening is over, and you do need rest. More rest, in fact. You push yourself more than you should, but you have commitments that you have set up and you try to honor them. This is laudable, but frankly unnecessary in the bigger scheme of things. You go through the system to maintain a sense of continuity, even though you know it will be soon be over.

When is that you ask? I know you doubt my time tables. I assure you it won’t take until December 2012 your time. This is a meaningless date, in any event. The causation will be alignment and energetic receptiveness, not a calendar date that has little bearing on anything.

You ask why not now? The flow of positive energy surrounding certain set practices has not yet reached the tipping point. This is a variable point that does shift, depending on the support or disapproval an issue has. I know you don’t understand what the delay is. There are factors beyond what you can measure with your intellect that must be accommodated. We look at this climactic point as taking place in a relative now that seems to us as an instant. It seems to you as an extended period that has lasted much beyond what was suggested. This in effect is an extended now that must have all its variables in place to be accomplished and to be ready to change to another level of being.

That is non-specific, as you point out. I can’t pin point the definite instance when things are met. I see your concerns and your behaviors as it approaches. You are reluctant to purchase anything expensive because you wonder if the time is so short it won’t matter. I say let them slide.

You still are concerned with when. You have read and heard the cautionary tales about pinning too many hopes on an outcome.  You feel in a straight jacket, in many ways. You are tired of continuing this existence with no definite future to plan for. You see possible goals to begin pursuing, but you don’t know if the effort will have time to produce the results you envision.

What are you supposed to do, you ask? You should continue as you are. Be watchful and mindful that things will change in an instant. Go day to day on your calendar and check off things as you come to them. This is creating satisfaction, even if you are fulfilling a role that is pointless beyond engendering good will and cooperation. That is not a bad thing, you realize.

Be ready to leave. This is accomplished by keeping the time in your mind as soon and being prepared to drop things to move to others. We have told you this for years, we realize. Just maintain a neutral commitment and be discerning in your actions.

I think this enough. I’m not going to tell you specific events to come, or even specific eventualities that will have to happen. Be ready and flexible.

CM Aton