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Azreal Speaks on His Origins and His Connection with Me

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Let’s try to connect with Azreal or my guardian angels. I ask for clarity on the connection and on how my role is part of a larger undertaking. Speak on what is happening now and give insight into what is coming.

Jess, I can speak with you. This is Azreal, as you call me. I am as you pictured me this morning. I am connected to you by a sliver thread that is an embodiment of our kinship. I am your oversoul, to use that phrase. That means I am the soul of Azreal that is connected to your portion here on Earth. I am the clearing house for how you measure ways to use the form you have selected for learning and experiencing.  I am the source of you, as it were, that provides the template you seek to replicate or recover. (more…)